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    RENOISE update

    So, what's new in this release?

    Well, this time the change-log got pretty huge, so let us just point out some highlights:
    Added a Mixer, for a fast access and total control of all used DSP effects and volume levels within Renoise. DSP effects can be easily accessed and modified (copied/pasted/ moved/deleted by keyboard shortcuts or drag'n'drop). Mini sliders (DSP parameter controls) can be optionally shown in the mixer strips for those DSP devices parameters, that you want to control via the Mixer. All components of the Mixer (mute/solo, panning, faders, volume, routings) can be hidden to get a better overview.

    Introduced PRE/POST volume/pans: All tracks have now two sets of volume/pan parameters: The first one (PRE) is automatable, and will be applied prior to all other DSPs (how it used to be in earlier versions). The second one (POST) is not automatable, and was introduced for the final mixing/mastering process: It will be applied after all DSP devices, giving you the final control of the tracks volume without having to worry about already created automations.
    All volume and pan parameters can also be MIDI mapped.

    Recording in the Sample-Editor, which allows to create new samples on the fly, directly in Renoise. Signals can be either recorded cleanly (with no DSP FX), or be routed in realtime through any tracks DSP chain.
    Added a "#Line-In Device" (registered users only), which allows you to directly route any of your sound-cards physical input into a DSP chain in Renoise.

    Undo/redo is now available for all operations (with no exception).

    New open (XML) file format for all exported Renoise files (except samples). To view the XML files for songs or the other documents, simply open the newly saved files with an unzip tool. Songs and instruments are still self contained, so nothing (except the new file extensions) has changed for those who do not want/need to edit/view the file contents. The new open file format will allow third party developers to easily write extension (Instrument or Pattern generators) or converters (from / to other file formats) for Renoise.

    Unicode support: If you have the "Arial Unicode MS" font installed, nearly all characters you can think of can now be displayed in Renoise (for example in the Disk Browser). Japanese characters are supported without the "Arial Unicode MS" font, as soon as you have installed the operating systems default fonts for Japan language support.

    Patterns can now be rendered into separate files as well (registered users only). This way you can easily create sample loops out of your songs, to use them in other programs.

    Please take some time to read the full change-log located at http://www.renoise.com/changelog_1_8_0_b1.php
    it will help you understand some of the major changes Renoise had to undergo.

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    ondersteunen ze nou ook eindelijk rewire?
    DAT zou pas relaxed zijn!


      ik heb ook nog een vraagje...

      vroegha kon je met trackers geen(of met een omweg wel) akkoorden maken, hoe zit dat met deze?


        Akkoorden pakt-ie gewoon, op 1 track ook nog als ik me niet vergis


          Origineel geplaatst door Sander02
          Akkoorden pakt-ie gewoon, op 1 track ook nog als ik me niet vergis
          Yep, daar heeft Renoise ie een soort sub-tracks voor.
          Bouw- en reparatiedingen


            Re: RENOISE update

            Ik zie nu pas dat je het oude bericht gepost hebt, want beta 5 is al uit...

            A new Beta of Renoise 1.8.0 (Beta 5) can now be downloaded from the backstage
            at http://backstage.renoise.com .

            *Fixed bugs*

            A lot of VST issues have been sorted out, especially for the Mac. See
            (hier stond een url die het niet meer doet)
            for the complete list of fixes.

            *Feature changes*

            - Recording: You can now record Mono or Stereo samples in the Sample Editor

            - Recording: Added a pattern quantization option, which will quantize recording
            starts and stops to pattern boundaries. This way you can easily create
            perfectly cut sample loops. We hope that this makes recording in Renoise a
            bit more fun and creative.

            - Recording: Added a 'create new instrument' option, which will as 'render
            selection to sample' does, load the sample in a new unused instrument slot.

            - MIDI preferences: You can now exclude specific controllers in the MIDI prefs
            pane for recording and playback

            - MIDI preferences: Added the old 'ignore note-off' option back to the MIDI
            preferences. Note that you can only suppress recording of note offs, !not!
            the playback. Ignoring NoteOffs for the playback can easily result in hanging
            notes when playing looped samples.

            - MIDI Mapping: Added a 'clear mapping' button into the MIDI Mapping dialog,
            which lets you clear existing mappings without having to create new ones.

            - DiskBrowser: Samples can be preheared in the DiskBrowser by pressing the right
            arrow key. This will also work when prehearing is disabled, so that you can
            only prehear with the keyboard if you want...

            - Player: Changed NoteCut behavior. Note Cut effects (FX in the volume or
            panning column) used to only set the volume of samples to 0, instead of
            killing them. This could lead to a lot of silently playing samples, especially
            when using looped samples. Now NoteCut will kill the samples to avoid sample
            playback overhead.
            Bouw- en reparatiedingen


              En verdomme nog steeds geen midi export... wat ongelovelijk irritant is dat toch...
              "For 10 years I've been Star Trekking through the Twilight Zone"


                Re: Re: RENOISE update

                Origineel geplaatst door etaoin
                Ik zie nu pas dat je het oude bericht gepost hebt, want beta 5 is al uit...
                oke bedankt
                als t geen beta meer is date ik wel up
                http://www.brabantlowlife.nl || https://soundcloud.com/brabantlowlife || https://twitter.com/brabantlowlife


                  Net aangeschaft
                  Madtracker en Renoise owner




                      1.8 beta 7 is uit:

                      *Fixed Bugs*

                      - See http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?showforum=24.
                      The relevant issues for B7 are marked with [fixed_b7].

                      - Also the crash backups got fine-tuned to be more reliable: When something
                      bad happens (which no one of us hopes) and Renoise crashes, you should no
                      longer get these mysterious 0kb backup files.

                      Beta 7 will now also load crash backups that failed to load with a
                      "Out of memory" error in previous betas. The samples from these crash-
                      backups will be corrupted though. Sorry for this. This won't happen anymore
                      in this beta.

                      *Additional features and changes*

                      Advanced Edit:
                      - Made the Advanced Edit button bigger, so that hopefully no one will miss it

                      - Parts of the Advance Edit pane can be collapsed now, also the individual
                      parts are visually cleaned up and bigger.

                      - Added a "Mix-Paste" option to the Cut/Copy/Paste pane, which will ignore
                      blanks when pasting pattern contents, so that old content and new content
                      is merged.

                      - Added a "Column in Song" category to the processing section.

                      - The Mixer has now a new visual option: "Labels". It will show the parameter
                      names and values in the Mixers DSP views.

                      - The mini sliders in the small DSP views in the Mixer can now be fine-tuned
                      by holding down Control while tweaking. Also the sliders should react/behave
                      better now when tweaking them with the mouse.

                      - The range of the VU meters in the Mixer and in the VU meter on top of the
                      interface can now be changed via a right click (context menu) to
                      "-24db - 0dB", "-48db - 0dB" or "-96db - 0dB". The default is "-48db - 0dB".

                      - The slot divider line in the instrument Box can dow be dragged via the
                      mouse, so that you can edit/see more than 3 samples and less than 8
                      instruments if you want.

                      - The BPM can now be raised up to 999 instead of only 500.

                      - The old Clone Pattern Sequence commands in the Pattern Editor are back
                      (Command + Alt + Shift + F1-F9).

                      - Added shortcuts for the Sample Editor to go to the Sample Start/End instead
                      of going to the visual Start/End.
                      Control + [Shift] + Home/End is by default mapped to the Sample Start/End,
                      Control + [Shift] + Left/Right to the visual Start/End.

                      - All volume parameters of the Delay DSP (Feedbacks and Send) are now
                      smoothed, so that you wont get clicks when automating them.

                      - Added a "Select All" command to the Disk Browsers context menu.
                      Bouw- en reparatiedingen


                        1.8 b8 is uit

                        *Fixed Bugs*

                        - See http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?showforum=24.
                        The relevant issues for B8 are marked with [fixed_b8].

                        *Additional features and changes*

                        - Added global shortcuts for Sequencer navigation:
                        In the keybindings section "global" of the preferences pane, you can now
                        assign keys to navigate the sequencer. These are by default not assigned.

                        - Song validation: When saving Songs, Instruments or Device-Chains, the saved
                        documents are automatically validated after saving, to make sure that a
                        fault on your HD or memory will not destroy your work. You will get a
                        warning if something went wrong, and can then save the documents again
                        if necessary. It's very unlikely that such things happen, but good to know
                        to be on the safe side, isn't it?

                        - Disk-Browser speedups: Navigating large directory trees (especially on
                        network drives) should be faster now. Also hidden and system folders
                        are visualized different in the Disk-Browser now (Windows builds only).

                        - Third-Party development: The new XRNS, XRNI and XRNT document formats have
                        been improved and cleaned up again. There are now also Schemas for all
                        formats available. These are installed next to the Renoise executable in a
                        folder "Schemas" on Windows, and within the Application bundle on OS X.
                        The Schemas are not yet finished, but can already be used to validate
                        the XML files.

                        *The public release candidate is near*

                        Depending no your feedback (if this build is stable enough), this will be
                        the last Beta build that is available for registered users only. So if you
                        still can find some problems in this build, let us know about those in the
                        forum please!
                        Bouw- en reparatiedingen


                          Zo, ondertussen zijn we bij 1.8 RC2. Ik zag dat Renoise ook op de mac draaid, gaat prima 1ms latency (klopt dat wel?) en laag CPU gebruik, midi werkt ook prima.

                          Die nieuwe mixer is niet zo heel spannend, de functionaliteit zat al langer in renoise het ziet er nu alleen iets anders uit.



                            En nog steeds geen midi export Ik loop er zo vaak tegenaan dat ik geen dingen uit Renoise kan laden in een andere (hardware-) sequencer, ik kan onmogelijk de enige zijn die dat mist... Al zou je alleen de mogelijkheid hebben om maar één pattern per keer als midi op te slaan, dat zou al zo veel werk schelen... Het is al meedere malen voorgesteld (en zelfs aangekondigd dat het mogelijk wel in de nieuwe versie zit)... Is dat zo moeilijk te programmeren ofzo, of ongewenst door die-hard trackers?
                            Verder vind ik het een fantastisch programma hoor, het enige software programma waar ik geld voor over heb (niet dat 't veel is), maar dat is juist waarom het me spijt dat ik het niet volledig geïntegreerd kan gebruiken...
                            "For 10 years I've been Star Trekking through the Twilight Zone"


                              En ook jammer dat je nog steeds niet kan uisturen naar verschillende outputs van je soundcard.

                              (of zit die optie er tegenwordig wel in, heb allang niet geupdate!)
                              Experimenting with sounds for the future of our Existence!

                              Monotron Music
                              H3K Music


                                Origineel geplaatst door dsil
                                En ook jammer dat je nog steeds niet kan uisturen naar verschillende outputs van je soundcard.

                                (of zit die optie er tegenwordig wel in, heb allang niet geupdate!)
                                Of gebruik je misschien een demo versie? Want die ondersteunt geen Asio, de betaalde versie (al een tijdje) wel.
                                "For 10 years I've been Star Trekking through the Twilight Zone"


                                  wel dus? Hmm, voortaan beter opletten. sinds wanneer zit het erin, 1.5?? Die draai ik geloof ik.

                                  Ik gebruik de demo versie en heb niet eens een soundcard (alleen zo'n klein pannekoekje vastgebakken op mijn moederboord). Dus uitsturen naar meerdere outputs was geen optie bij mij. Maar heb hier wel naar zitten kijken. aangezien er toch een geluidskaartje aan zit te komen, moeten we ook maar weer eens het forum van renoise goed gaan bekijken.
                                  Experimenting with sounds for the future of our Existence!

                                  Monotron Music
                                  H3K Music