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We verwelkomen ons nieuwste forumlid, AudioPro
U-he Presswerk
28-10-2014 - 16:40 - door WAREHOUSEGROOVE
U-he has introduced Presswerk, a construction kit for classical compressors


En voor de publieke BETA:
36 Reacties | 647 Bekeken
Meng Qiís Squishable Modular Synth Workstation
27-10-2014 - 23:43 - door hype1

Meng Qiís Squishable Modular Synth Workstation is a self-contained modular synthesizer instrument.

It has 3 parts:
  • Sidrassi is a analog modular synthesizer with 7 independent voices. Each voice has 6 CV patch points, and you can modulate each voice with audio signal and gesture signal from other voices. Sidrassi is designed by Peter B and Squishable uses Peterís original PCB.
  • VM (Voltage Memory) is internally connected to control pitch of 4 voices / main pitch / timber of Sidrassi. It provides save/recall feature, and it offers a vast number of modularized recalling methods. Squishable can save 84 sets of tuning, so you can play complex chords, melodies and tonal music pieces. As well as complex automated pitch changes controlled internally or externally .
  • 2 of AM (Arcade Manifold) provide a very versatile realtime re-patching and mixing system.
7 Reacties | 507 Bekeken
Erebus Minisynth
26-10-2014 - 21:56 - door Hilltree

Full Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer

Full Analog 2-voice Paraphony or Unison sounds, only with Through Hole components
2 x VCO with seperate glide controls
2 pole (12dB/ocv) pre-fed resonating VC Low Pass Filter
VC LFO with additional VC Depth
2 x Envelope Generators (1xADSR and 1xAR dedicated to the AMP)
VC Delay/Echo
14 patches for an astonishing Modular experience
CV Outputs: LFO, Envelope (attenuated), Modulation Wheel (attenuated), Gate, Osc1 pitch (1V/ocv), Osc2 pitch (1V/ocv)
CV Inputs: Osc1, Osc2, Echo time, VCF, Resonance, LFO rate, LFO depth, CV/Gate
MIDI interface: Midi in/through DIN socket, Pitch note/gate on-off, retrigger function (on-board), Mod wheel (patched on-board), Pitch wheel, MIDI Channel select 1-7 or Omni (DIP switch)
Paraphony CV/GATE outputs allows you to turn monophonic devices into Paraphonic, or even combine 2 monosynths into a paraphony orgy.
Audio input: Max 3Vpp
Audio output with a huge maximum gain of 10Vpp
22 Reacties | 1.168 Bekeken
Audio Damage eurorack sequencer
09-10-2014 - 17:55 - door code17

Voor de liefhbber......
Als die al langs geweest is- sorry...
4 Reacties | 767 Bekeken
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