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Octatrack OS v1.40


A is for Acid
Lid sinds
10 juni 2017
Er is een nieuwe update uit voor de Octatrack en omvat een paar dingetjes:

List of changes from Octatrack DPS-1 OS 1.31A to 1.40


[MKII] Implemented a brightness setting for the LEDs and OLED screen. The option is located in the
Added the functionality to preview a sequencer step (including its parameter locks) in GRID
RECORDING mode. Press [TRIG] + [YES] to preview a step on an audio track on the MAIN
outputs. Press [TRIG] + [CUE] to preview a step on an audio track on the CUE outputs. Press
[TRIG] + [YES]/[CUE] to preview a step on a MIDI track.
Increased the length of the time-out countdown when selecting bank or pattern.
Adjusted a number of bank/pattern select behaviors to improve usability and harmonize this
functionality across the Elektron product line.
Added the possibility to display all the parameter values on a track parameter page. Press and hold
a [TRACK PARAMETER] key to view the parameter values.
An additional SBNK parameter is added to the NOTE SETUP (SRC) page on the MIDI tracks to
make it possible to send LSB Bank Select messages.
Added support for pattern-specific tempo.
Added functionality to randomize and reload TRACK PARAMETER page parameters.
Press [TRACK PARAMETER] + [YES] to randomize.
Press [TRACK PARAMETER] + [NO] to reload from saved part.
Added support for triggering trig modes on audio tracks via MIDI. To enable this, set AUDIO NOTE
For tracks configured to play slices or slots when receiving MIDI note data, holding a trig in GRID
RECORDING mode while receiving a MIDI note now locks the same slice/slot that is played to the
held trig.
Added support for applying various trig actions to multiple trigs simultaneously.
This includes changes to parameter locks, sample locks, microtiming, copying/pasting/clearing
trigs, and converting multiple trigs to trigless trigs or trigless locks.
Added an option to select if note length should be recorded or not while inputting notes in the MIDI
sequencer. The option is located in the PERSONALIZE menu.
[MKII] <STOP> LED is now lit up in white when the sequencer is stopped.
[MKII] The <PROJ>, <PART>, <AED>, <MIX>, and <ARR> LEDs are now lit up in white when active.
[MKII] SRC3 in RECORDING SETUP 1 is now set to MAIN as default.

Bug fixes

Removing parameter locks in LIVE RECORDING mode, either by holding down [NO] + DATA
ENTRY knob or [FUNC] + [NO], caused all the trigs that was swept through to lose all their
parameter locks after the device was turned off and then on again.
[MKII] Pressing [FUNC] + [AED] did not open the SLICE GRID menu window if the EDIT subpage
was open in the audio editor.
[MKII] Greatly improved the LED intensity differences on <CARD STATUS> LED and <PAGE> LEDs.
Sample tempo nudge did not work.
[MKII] Doubling loops in Pickup machine did not work due to [TRACK] + [REC3] incorrectly
invoked track erase instead of pickup multiply.
Wrong samples could be played when stopping the sequencer, reloading part, changing pattern,
and then starting the sequencer.
Copy/Pasting a pattern could result in the wrong part to be in focus.
When copying one sample slot to another slot on a static machine, the destination slot did not play
the sample when trigged.
Page auto-copy for MIDI tracks ignored trig count, trig condition, and microtiming.
Trig Conditions did not function correctly under some circumstances when using SCALE PER
Stereo audio from the A/B inputs sent to a THRU machine was summed to mono when the THRU
machine was triggered in CHROMATIC TRIG mode.
It was not possible to see or enter trigs after latching FILL mode on while in GRID RECORDING
The wrong MIDI notes were sent when pressing [TRIG 9-16] trig keys when in TRACK trig mode.
The [SCALE] key always triggered the same note (E0) in CHROMATIC trig mode on MIDI tracks,
ignoring octave changes.

Je kan hem hier downloaden: https://www.elektron.se/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/OCTATRACK_OS1.40.zip