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    Atemporánea emerges at the Astor Piazzolla Conservatory of Music of Buenos Aires City

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    Monday, September 9 - Saturday, September 14
    Sarmiento 3401.
    Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.

    In eerste instantie zit ik daar als Compositor, Investigador y Artista Sonoro een van de juryleden te zijn.
    Hiernaast zal ik ook 2 concerten geven.

    Festival Link

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    The sound sculpture "SONIC FORMS" will be exhibited 14 September at the Hall del Entrada at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires "Astor Piazzolla.

    SONIC FORMS - Roland Emile Kuit - Worldpremiere

    Sonic environments | Orbits for public and private spaces

    In the tradition of Takehiha Kosugi and Alvin Lucier, Kuit needs to explore the fundamental physics of acoustics wherby the concept of time and space as a vital continuum is morphed with its surroundings.

    In his lab, Kuit explored the behaviour of orbiting Lissajous figures:

    Dynamic synthesis is used to create information streams on a van der Pol oscillator.

    A system of parametric equations: {\displaystyle x=A\sin(at+\delta ),\quad y=B\sin(bt),} x=A\sin(at+\delta ),\quad y=B\sin(bt)

    Design principles: balance, harmony, gradation, repetition, contrast, dominance.

    Design elements: line, shape, size, direction, texture, hue/tone

    A mutual relationship exists between the elements and their structure. The structure provides the elements with their specific, perhaps changing, meaning in nano timbre/ time.

    This information comes from so-called transients whereby the duration varies between a small part of a period, from 1 usec to 3 or 4 milliseconds.

    'Articulation' functioning as identity.

    This onset as impulse makes it possible to distinguish the identities of these sonic forms and transforming them to autonomous audio sculptures.

    The structure works as a context.

    The elements determine which structural measures they can be subjected to in order for their identity to be enhanced, for their meaning to be differentiated and extended.

    Roland Emile Kuit - KYMA


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      "BRUSH" - Roland Emile Kuit, 4 chnl fixed media

      For Tomas Rajlich

      Sala Symphónica at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires "Astor Piazzolla.

      From pianissimo-bowed micro pitched wood sounds to seeded noise cells, to an elaborated crescendo ending in a broad fortissimo textural cluster: The Kyma system extends the string sounds with spectral holds.

      This work was world premiered at Museum Kampa - The Jan and Meda Mládek Foundation Prague Tomas Rajlich Zcela abstraktní retrospektiva 2017.

      FAMA Quartet:

      David Danel, – violin
      Roman Hranička – violin,
      Ondřej Martinovský – viola
      Balázs Adorján – violoncello

      Roland Emile Kuit – Kyma


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