Belgian New Beat Party 2

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    Belgian New Beat Party 2

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    Do you remember that first Party at Vooruit in 2018? Are you ready for some more?
    The official 2019 edition will be another epic Party with only the best Belgian New Beat classics and AB sounds from 1987 until 1989.
    A special lightshow, a massive soundsystem, two turntables and lots of great vinyl records,... We create that original eighties atmosphere of legendary clubs like Boccaccio, Skyline, Prestige, Confetti´s,...

    WARNING: This is not just another ‘retro party’. This is only for the people who love that original new beat sound!
    Kristof Vandenhende (Belgian New Beat)
    Serge Ramaekers (The Maxx – Confetti´s)
    & Tragic Error as our special live guest

    T´Centrum is a venue in Londerzeel, right in the centre of Belgium.
    T´Centrum is a venue in the town square. You can park your car for free in front of the venue, around the church or in a huge parking lot just around the corner.
    By car:
    10 minutes from Brussels via A12
    20 minutes from Antwerp via A12, Ghent and Leuven via E40 and A12
    1 hour from Kortrijk via E17, E40 and A12
    By train:
    There is a train station in Londerzeel (line Gent – Mechelen)

    Tickets: 15 euro.

    Datum En Tijd

    za, 4 mei 2019, 22:00 –

    zo, 5 mei 2019, 06:00 CEST


    T´Centrum Londerzeel

    Markt 10

    1840 Londerzeel

    Nieuwe bieten! Jee, ik was toen volop bezig met m'n Ensoniq Mirage .