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verkocht Echolette (Dynacord) Echo 400 tape echo OVERHAULED !

795 Euro
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6 augustus 2010
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Echolette (Dynacord) Echo 400 tape echo COMPLETELY SERVICED !

Made in Germany, this is very similar to the Dynacord EC-504 and features the same high quality components and excellent build quality that these German units are renowned for.
In beautiful condition with new tape, good rubber pinch roller, good plastic guidance rollers ! demagnetized and polished clean heads,

The housing has been completely washed clean. Inside the housing everything has been made dustfree.

The Running mechanism is adjusted and cleaned. The motor shaft is polished and super smooth. All roller shaft holes are lubricated with machine oil. The sliding mechanism is lubricated with PTFE and runs smoothly.

All potentiometers are cleaned with professional washspray and air blown cleaned.

The electronics have been tested. All electrolytic capacitors (elco's) have been replaced, including the power supply! Quality 105 degrees Vishay have been used.

The sockets have been cleaned with the crackle killer and is a great invention from Australia :

New bridge rectifier !

New fuses and fusesholder !

All transistors have been replaced for more modern and quieter BC549 and BC559 types.

All internal open adjust potmeters have been replaced for closed new ones.

Clean plastic uppercase !

Input connector for a foot pedal to switch the echo on/off.

Sounds fantastic again for a 45 year old machine !
Included :

5 extra new tapeloops (RTM)
EU powercable

The unit can be switch from 240V to 130V.

The shipping is insured to E5500 and with track&trace !
Thank you for watching and if you want to see and here the EC400 in action.... check my Youtube video :

Working specs :

The reverb setting is all the heads together and with the feedback of the echo you can make the reverv longer.

You can use the heads seperately or mix them for i.e. triplet echo's.

There are four trim pots on the rear which allow a tremendous amount of control over levels and balance: it can take some time to set up for optimum operation but the results are stunning- the repeats are really superb in quality when the levels are correctly-set. There’s no vari-speed, but that’s the case for many classic echo units.

The following description from Robert L’s Synths about the EC-504 also sums this up well:

“Dynacord EC-504 (EchoCord) is a famous Dynacord tape echo. Placed in a rack mount unit (2 HE) with a total of 6 heads and a full control over all 4 playback heads, it has two modes of operation — echo and reverberation. Both is produced using the analog tape as a memory. This unit will enable you to produce many echoing combinations unattainable by any other system, including the digital ones. The echoes are vivid and clean, yet with the special analog warmth and naturalness! The sound is definitely different from Roland units, and by many lovers of old and analog sound the Dynacord echoes are considered better in some acoustical aspects. High quality heads for prolonged live, robust German made electromotors and top quality electronics, make this unit a true choice for analog echoes and reverberations.”


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