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verkocht Phonic T8100 tube enhancer

95 Euro
Gebruikt/vertoont lichte gebruikssporen


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6 augustus 2010
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The preamp of the T8100 is transparent, and users are able to get a 'vintage' and warm sound from it (warmth is variable; you can select cool or warm, or anywhere in between, with one control). Also, the T8100 is perfectly suited to be used before a guitar amplifier or vocals alike.

I think it is the best processor for driving the signal and you get a really nice overdrive and distortion when you combine the tube stage with the transistor.
The plate (anode) of the tube is in starve plate mode and that means it runs on a low voltage. The function of the tube is to blend in with the transistor (opamps) for a more rounding and pleasing sound. It is not a FULL tube stage. All the processors in this price range are working like this and it is a bit misleading. It does not mean it is not good. I think it is a very nice design where the tube actually does really something to the signal.

See my Youtube test video :

The shipment is insured to E100 and with tracktrace !

Thank you for watching and if you have questions, please let me know !

Studio quality mic/line preamp vocal processor

Warmth control for precise dosage of tube effect

+48V phantom power

Dual 3-band, mid-sweep equalizer

High-pass filter and clip indicator

Phase-reverse switch

Classic VU meter for display of input level

Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors for input and output

Operating levels of +4 dBu and -10 dBV independently selectable at each channel's output


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