Retroaktiv PG-800 mini

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    Retroaktiv PG-800 mini

    Ik zat weer eens op Thonk te kijken en vond deze kit:

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    The Retroaktiv PG-800 Mini is a compact controller for the Roland JX-8P, Super JX and MKS-70 Synthesizers. This kit comes in two configurations:

    Kit 1: An Internal Controller Kit for mounting the PG-800 Mini inside of a Super JX or JX-8P Synthesizer
    Kit 2: A Desktop Controller Kit for building a standalone unit
    The kit includes:

    PG-800 Mini bare PCB
    PG-800 Mini Graphic Overlay
    Programmed microprocessor
    Bill of Materials
    Drilling Template (Kit 1)
    Mounting hardware
    44 tall trim pots
    Case Hardware & 5′ DIN cable (Kit 2)
    The PG-800 Mini has all of the functions of the original PG-800, plus some new features. New functions include:

    “Scratch patch” generator – Tapping a button will generate a basic scratch program, which serves as a useful starting point when creating a new tone.

    Random patch generator – Holding a button down will generate a random tone. This is a fun way to discover new sounds from the JX.

    Copy & paste – Copy the current state of the knobs on the PG-800 Mini to save your ideas or easily transfer a tone to another program.

    The controller is also compatible with Super JX synths which have the Vecoven upgrades. The Mini can now also operate in “Vecoven 4.x mode”, which adds a Page 2 button, giving hands on control over all of the 40 extra tone parameters in Vecoven 4.x firmware, plus UPPER/LOWER BAL, and aftertouch parameters for VCF, VCA, and vibrato. PG-800 Mini controls 92 parameters on a Vecoven upgraded Super JX.

    This kit requires SMD soldering. The smallest part used is 0603 caps and resistors. Board connects to the JX via 5 wires. This should be installed by people with electronics experience. Drilling into your synth is permanent. Be sure to do a good job and follow the instructions closely.

    The installation manual includes a link to a full Mouser cart, so you do not need to spend time searching for the electronic components, it can be done with a couple of clicks. Schematic link is provided to all who purchase kits.
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