Te koop: Martinsound Martech MSS-10 Microfoon Voorversterker A-Klasse

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    Te koop: Martinsound Martech MSS-10 Microfoon Voorversterker A-Klasse

    Supermooie high-end microfoon voorversterker te koop:
    Martinsound Martech MSS-10 Zeer zeldzaam in Europa. In goede staat met originele doos. Vraagrijs 1449,- of een goed bod in die buurt.

    Te beluisteren en op te halen in Maastricht. Verzekerde verzending is natuurlijk ook mogelijk.

    Lees de recensies en zoek op het internet: Martinsound Martech MSS-10 Reviews Sweetwater

    Hieronder een (Engelse) beschrijving:

    Why the MSS-10
    In the past, world-class engineers collected the best tube and discrete preamps, each for its own character. One for great top end, another for clarity, a third for punch, and still another for bottom. Over time, these preamps became almost mystical, credited for creating the magic of great recordings. In reality, those talented engineers just used the preamp that was least detrimental to the desired characteristic, struggling to maintain the magic of the performance.

    The Martech MSS-l0 brings a new paradigm to mic preamps. The real magic of the MSS-l0 is that it does absolutely nothing. With nothing to cheat your audio you'll hear it like never before! No sideshow hype or tacky disappearing acts. Illusions of zip, zing, and whoompf can't satisfy once you experience real magic. Silky top, absolute clarity, knockdown punch, and fat bottom end to make your world go 'round. The MSS-l0 delivers the body and soul of the performance with astonishing
    realism and immediacy. Real magic we call Natural Sound.

    "Shockingly good" is a stunning endorsement from Bruce Botnick, a man who has heard it all. His engineering work, from the Doors to major motion picture scores, is driven by his passion for audio.
    Bruce knows that the secret of legendary recording lies in capturing the excitement and beauty of the
    original performance. He selects only the best equipment that faithfully reproduces every detail.
    Bruce uses the MSS-l0 with his world-class mics over other well-respected preamps, because the
    Natural Sound of the MSS-l0 delivers the real magic he strives for.

    Voor vragen en verdere info, stuur me even een pb.

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      Summersale prijsverlaging voor een mooie mic preamp: 1395,- of doe een goed bod


        Schopje, doe een leuk bod! Wie weet.....