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Emagic A62m USB audio&MIDI-interface

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    Emagic A62m USB audio&MIDI-interface

    Gevraagd: 250 (nieuwprijs 400)
    Incl. originele verpakking, handleiding, USB kabel en hoesje.
    Perfecte staat, ongeveer 1.5 jaar oud.

    Loopt als een speer met m'n Powerbook (ook Winbugs compatible) maar hij gaat eruit om 'n RME/MOTU/... met meer inputs en ADAT aan te schaffen. Ruilvoorstellen in die richting kunnen, maar liefst cash.

    Andere dingen die nog op m'n verlanglijstje staan: Behringer BCF2000, 01X, Akai VX600 (of ander analoog met minstens 2 osc/voice en patch memory), MIDI patchbay met merge, Edirol UM880/550 (of gelijkwaardig).
    Bijbetaling van mijn kant kan uiteraard.

    Versatile and practical - with 6 audio inputs and 2 audio outputs, MIDI I/O and USB hub, the A62 m offers mobility and quality in 1 compact interface. This makes it the ideal multi-purpose interface for use on the road or in your personal studio setup.

    High Quality Audio I/O
    The A62 m is the perfect cross-platform USB interface solution for all audio applications, meeting the needs of today's and tomorrow's audio professionals. It provides a stereo headphone jack, stereo S/PDIF digital I/O, 6 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs at 16 or 24-bit with sample rates up to 96 kHz (24Bit/96 kHz stereo operation only).

    The 6 independent inputs are ideal if you wish to work with multiple sound sources using the virtual mixing console of your audio software such as Logic. And thanks to the unique technology developed by Emagic, multi-channel audio transfer via USB takes place without any data reduction. This ensures maximum audio quality throughout the 8-channel signal path.

    The coaxial S/PDIF connectors allow digital audio devices, such as external digital effects processors and DAT machines, to be connected directly without conversion losses.

    Low Latency
    Due to Emagic's advanced low latency technology, virtual software instruments such as Emagic's EVP88, EVD6, EVB3, EXS24, ES1, ES2 and VST2.0-compatible instruments can be played in real-time. Latencies of only a few milliseconds are possible. ***The latency time depends on your computer, the operating system and the number of parallel audio tracks/instruments. For low latency operation, Core Audio, ASIO or EASI drivers should be used. Typical latencies are around 6 ms.

    Zero Latency Hardware Monitoring
    The A62 m features latency-free hardware monitoring. This allows the monitoring of audio recording channels with no audible delay. The stereo monitor signal is routed to the analog, digital and integrated headphone outputs, latter with independent volume control.

    MIDI I/O
    The A62 m provides two cinch (RCA) connectors which can be configured as either S/PDIF or as MIDI in and output ports.

    The MIDI I/O offers 16 MIDI in and output channels. In many compact setups, the built-in MIDI I/O makes additional MIDI interfaces unnecessary, especially when portability is the key requirement.

    Built-In USB Hub
    The built-in USB hub has 2 ports, providing space for additional USB hardware such as the XSKey, Emagic's software protection system. This further emphasizes the advantages on offer to the mobile or laptop studio.

    USB Powered
    Power is supplied via the USB port, with no need for additional cabling or adapters. And swapping an A62 m between computers takes only a few seconds -- plug-and-play operation at its best.

    The clock source selector switch allows the A62 m to act as a digital master or slave device. When acting as master, the A62 m uses its precise internal audio clock. When slaving, the A62 m will lock to any external S/PDIF clock signal arriving at its digital input.

    Stay Informed
    The A62 m incorporates a number of status LEDs to keep you informed: digital/analog input selection, Bit depth, sample rate and external/ internal synchronization. Each input and output features an individual LED that indicates the presence of a signal on the respective input or output channel.

    Cross-Platform and Compatible
    The A62 m is delivered with cross-platform low-latency drivers including support for Mac OS X Core Audio, EASI and ASIO (Mac OS 9 and Windows). The A62 m is therefore the ideal choice for Emagic's Logic Series and any other software that supports these drivers.

    Mobile and Versatile
    The stylish exterior A62 m is lightweight and compact, approximately the size of a VHS videocassette. A black soft case is included to protect the A62 m from scratches and dirt during transport. The ability to be powered via USB, the multiple inputs, the MIDI I/O, the built-in dual USB hub, and its low size and weight, combine to make the A62 m the first choice audio interface for a wide variety of production tasks. Whether in small studio setups or on the road, the A62 m is also an excellent match for all laptop computers with USB.

    USB audio interface with 6 input channels and 2 playback channels

    44.1 and 48 kHz in multi-channel operation

    160-bit playback/24-bit recording or 24-bit playback/16-bit recording

    24Bit/96 kHz stereo operation (recording or playback)

    MIDI I/O 3) providing 16 MIDI in and output channels

    Low latency operation

    Adjustable zero-latency hardware monitoring

    Signal presence LEDs for all inputs and outputs

    Status LEDs for all interface modes

    Does not require any PCI or other card slots

    Hot swap capable: can be connected and disconnected without turning off the computer

    Power supplied via USB -- The A62 m power socket can be used to connect an optional Emagic power supply in case other USB-powered devices compromise audio quality.

    Lightweight and portable

    Dimensions: 34 x 192 x 114 mm (H x W x D)

    2 analog outputs with 24-bit converters

    6 analog inputs with 24-bit converters

    Compatible with -10 dBV and +4 dBu audio levels

    Coaxial S/PDIF digital stereo input and output

    MIDI I/O via the S/PDIF connectors (coaxial to MIDI adapters included)

    USB hub with 2 USB ports

    Adjustable stereo headphone output

    Low Latency Driver Support
    Mac OS X: Core Audio

    Mac OS 9.x: EASI, ASIO and SoundManager -- To use all A62 m features Mac OS X 10.2.2 or higher or Windows XP is required. Feature restrictions apply when using older operating system versions: SoundManager supports 16-bit stereo audio I/O only. Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 and Mac OS 9.1.x/9.2.x do not support the MIDI I/O. Limited use of the digital audio input under Windows 98SE and Windows 2000.

    Windows: MME, DirectSound, EASI and ASIO