Nieuwe plugin-standaard "CLAP"


Bitwig en U-He hebben een nieuwe plugin-standaard geintroduceerd genaamd "CLAP".

Het lijkt me best indrukwekkend:

Advantages of CLAP for Musicians

Developed in collaboration with experts from diverse fields in the music software industry, CLAP is a cutting-edge plug-in standard, designed for modern computers, software, and paradigms. CLAP caters to novel DAW concepts, and opens up new horizons for what a plug-in can do or be.

Here are some immediately useful advantages of CLAP:

Better Performance From Modern CPUs

Developed with modern CPUs in mind, CLAP takes multi-thread management to a new level, with a clear and efficient allocation of roles between plug-in and host. Specifically, CLAP allows collaborative multicore support between plug-in and host through a so-called “thread-pool”, also allowing hosts to manage CPU-threading for plug-ins that provide their own multicore support. Preliminary tests show significant performance gains compared with current solutions.

Better and Faster Organization

CLAP hosts can read plug-in metadata and help organize your plug-ins. As CLAP hosts can retrieve information from plug-ins without having to wait for them to initialize, plug-in scans can be much faster.

Furthermore, we’re currently finalizing an extension which lets plug-ins tell the host which files they need (e.g. samples or wavetables), and the host can consolidate those in the project file. That means you'll never lose a sample while transferring a project between systems!

Better Modulation

The CLAP standard promotes new ways to create music with automation, modulation, and expressions. Here are a few examples:

CLAP supports per-note automation and modulation (in accordance with the recent MIDI 2.0 specifications).
Going one step further, CLAP’s parameter modulation concept allows for temporary parameter offsets. Parameter modulation is non-destructive, so as soon as the modulation has finished, the target parameter will return to its original state.
CLAP makes it possible for polyphonic plug-ins to have their per-voice parameters modulated for individual notes (“MPE on steroids”).

With this new standard we aim to inspire host developers to add exciting new features to their products. Initial implementations by Bitwig, u-he and the Surge project demonstrate just a few of the possibilities.
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Hoe staat het er nu voor? Kunnen Windows gebruikers al clap-plugins in hun favoriete DAWs gebruiken?
Hoe staat het er nu voor? Kunnen Windows gebruikers al clap-plugins in hun favoriete DAWs gebruiken?
Ik ben er nog niet bepaald enthousiast over, ik heb Hive 2 en Diva in clap formaat maar het is nog steeds beta en behoorlijk buggy, ik kies de clap versies hierdoor niet eens meer, want het geeft ook problemen met automation. Hopelijk komt het nog wel wat beter van de grond want poly modulation is wel erg leuk in de interne synths van Bitwig, zou mooi zijn als dat in de U-he plugins gaat werken, maar ze hebben bij U-HE MPE nog geeneens voor elkaar, voor slide moeten ze de hele zooi opnieuw programmeren, dat gaat nog wel even duren dus. Best jammer want dit zijn toch wel de synths waar het interessant voor is. Vital heb ik overigens nog niet geprobeerd.