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no regular edm but techno influenced by ebm and acid --- release

The Big Ear

Ouwe rot
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15 juni 2011
What's in a name?

binnenkort ook op spotify en andere streamings te vinden...

Alpha 2 Omega has delivered Dark Distorted Signals a symphonic Greek Tragedy. The Ohm Prelude is the call to dance by ancient monks, driven by a strong atmosphere.
The Apotheose is a wild bassbooming acid stomper and the perfect answer to the first track on this EP. In combination, a perfect start of your techno-set.
And you can continue with Thymos. It explains your impulses, combined with some sounds agression delivered by pumping synthesizers.
Closing this EP we do with a god damn Tragedy, a Greek Tragedy! This is somehow searching the bounderies of techno and acid, and what your floor can handle of burning noise.
We from Dark Distorted Signals are proud to deliver 4 masterpieces. This EP is a master gem of electronic dance music. Ofcourse no regular edm but techno influenced by ebm and acid.
Play it loud!

gemaakt met een moogsub37 / analog rytm / Waldorf quantum / virus TI2 / MOTM analog synth
Cirklon als sequencer gebruikt en opgenomen in ableton live.
Nadien nog geprocessed door de E520 Hyperion / Retro mechanical labs (Jekyll and Hyde // electron fuzz) / Vermona Retroverb



all your drums are belong to us
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21 december 2007
Streek rond Herentals - Belgiƫ
Ohm deed denken aan deze


en nr3 was best interessant. Om te vallen uit mijn telefoon @ work gedurende 30sec.