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Music of Math

roland kuit

Lid sinds
14 oktober 2008
2021.02.24 23:00h C.E.T:

CZ-Roy F Guzmán.jpg

Music of Maths. Roy F Guzmán – Algorithmic and instrumental electronic music composer, improviser and poet born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on June 28, 1987.

01/ sin-título[09-19-20].
02/ sin-título[10-1-21].
03/ sin-título[10-4-20].
04/ sin-título[24-12-21].
05/ chaotic-synthesis.
06/ El Colegio De La Alegria.
07/ Guataca.
08/ Lógica axiomatica.
09/ s_t2.
10/ x=0.5+x_(-0.8)-(x-2.005..2.65).
About Roy F Guzmán:
His previous and current research topics are chaos theory for musical and structural material, the subject of “abstractions” worked through sound scores with instruments, using them as a metaphor for the perception of all reality, “Música a Lo Pobre” which includes the theme of resilience, aesthetics produced by the authentic limitations of systems as an abstract universal of folklore, non-duality, the concept of axioms of conceptual and physical objects, abstract geometries in musical forms, the study and formalization of reading practices of non-traditional scores, the expansion of the parameterization of musical variables and constructs to a more holistic and abstracted level, the investigation of the concept of Plastic Sound Forms where he creates techniques to produce the illusion of a solid in a temporal medium with the program El Cubo De Chuito for manipulation of audio in 3 dimensions and the creation of conceptual music based on theories of abstract indigenous Taino spirituality.
Recently he explores the Meta Compositions where it is proposed that the perceptual abstraction called reality is affected by objects, new constructs, forms, symbols and compositional texts.
He created the Concrete Multi Semiotic Poetry where synchronic and asynchronous multi semiotics is explored and the Integral Meta Poetry where the semiotic color is explored as an integral of a multi-semiotics of a popular universal gestalt.
He also investigates and creates deductions and creations on the metaphysics of Latin American ancestral spirituality and its potential axiomatic and abstract development for the creation of new constructs and philosophies that have the potential to alter perceptual reality.
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Roland Kuit