Club Mayz - Fist In The Air (2020) (WET-50)

Club Mayz

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8 juli 2018
Antwerpen - België
Deze heb ik herwerkt als 2020 versie voor een anniversary compilation release bij Wool-e-tapes.

En je kan de hele bullshit tekst hieronder lezen :D

🥰 Ah yes, do you remember the 2010’s? 🥰

When skinny jeans & triangle tattoos were all the rage? Well, it was about then when I made my first song everrr. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was doing it and hot damn, what a song!
Those first songs were bundled on cassette named ’The VOID’, released on Wool-E-Tapes. Now, Wool-E-Tapes is releasing a 50th anniversary edition 10 x Cassette-Box with the best of the label. Needles to say ‘Fist In The Air’ was the obvious choice for this release!

😎 This song is everything what would become classic Club Mayz, acknowledged by the fans & critics alike 😎
✅ Bad lyrics (mostly self loathing & break-up material).
✅ FX overdose on the vocals. (masking the fragile masculinity & insecurity)
✅ 80’s Drums (including retarded Italo-Disco hand claps & Cowbells!).
✅ Absolutely zero swing for that typical white male non-groove.
✅ Predictable arpeggiated bass lines (played with only 1 finger).
✅ Random sound effects (to fake at least some complexity).
✅ Uplifting cliché (C minor) chord progressions.
✅ That trademark feeling of depression, existential dread and ennui.

🤩 But wait! There’s more!? 🤩
▪️ For this 2020 release I added emo vocal harmonies for those extra tears.
▪️ A 90’s trance choir, piano stabs and added nostalgia for a time that never even existed, wtf are you talking about?
▪️ All mastered crystal clear, pumped up & ultra loud, headphone, iPhone & Laptop speakers ready.
Listen here 👇🏻👇🏻…the-air-2020

❤️ Have a listen, “Go Nowhere” - 2020 style! - and be sure to buy the box of vintage cassettes, only €95! ❤️
for a time that never even existed
+1 :)

Coole track, goed geproduceerd.. Maar hij was me een beetje te lang/ of te eentonig. Het luisteren heeft me wel goed gedaan. Coole boodschap ook.

Greetz, Gloomy :)