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Waldorf Iridum [Desktop Quantum]

Click image for larger version  Name:	Iridium-01.jpg Views:	0 Size:	59,8 KB ID:	3763978
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"Waldorf Iridium has made the impossible possible. The mighty synth engine from Quantum is now available in a compact form.
Tracing the footsteps of its bigger brother, Iridium features all the synthesis elements of Quantum as well in a rack-compatible format.
The combination of the powerful engine, incredible flexibility and detailed sound shaping facilities creates sheer endless possibilities of sound.
Yet, the comprehensive layout and easy-to-understand structure lets you design your own sounds in no time.
Sporting a solid metal casing and the same
high level of craftsmanship like Quantum, Iridium is now ready to take over studios and stages throughout the world.
Contributing another entry in Waldorf's rich history, Iridium joins the family as a direct descendant of the PPG Wave.
Though, Iridium offers much more than its ancestor.
Five different synthesis models are provided by Iridum for each of the three oscillators:

Waveform (Virtual Analog)
Particle (Sampling and Granular Sampling)

Kernel mode has been introduced with the OS 2.0 of Quantum.
This huge upgrade allows one oscillator to be turned into up to six sub oscillators.
These can be interlinked through FM at audio rate and arranged in user-definable constellations.
Just this upgrade alone would have provided enough additional features to create a synthesizer on its own.
Now, all those functions have been integrated into Iridium as well.

Up to 7000 patches can be saved in Iridium. Patches from Quantum can be loaded in Iridium and vice-versa.
Iridium features three digital filters per voice. Two in the Dual Filter section and another one in the Digital Former.
Several types are available to choose from:

12 or 24dB and Lowpass/Highpass/Bandpass with optional saturation or dirtiness.

Various filter models are available including those from Waldorf Nave, Largo and PPG 3V.

The Dual Filter section can be controlled independently or together in several different link modes.

The Digital Former offers all the filter types and models from the Dual Filter plus unusual models like Comb, Drive, Bitcrusher and more in addition.

All filters retain a true stereo signal throughout the entire structure of the instrument.
Up and down, back and forth

6 Envelopes, 6 LFOs and many more are just waiting for being used as sources in the 40 slots of the Modulation Matrix.
Each slot has one additional control amount.
Modulations can be directed to almost every numerical value in Iridium.
All sources and destinations can be used as many times as desired until the Modulation Matrix is full.
If you ever happen to run out of LFOs or Envelopes, you can use the Komplex Modulator for generating a custom shape LFO or Envelope.

Complex, but not complicated

Even though Iridium features a staggering amount of parameters to control, everything is organized in a logic structure which is easy to master.
The major controls have their own dedicated knob,
while the rest is accessible through the touch screen and the encoders around.
There are no long menus keeping you from doing what you had planned. Instead, you will find a workflow which you
will soon miss on other synthesizers.

Embedded in the front panel, a 4x4 silicon pad matrix invites you to launch notes,
chords, arpeggios and sequences with up to 32 steps for notes and multiple parameter lines.
Direct access to the parameters is granted by the seven encoders to the left and the right hand side of the touch screen.

Take a look inside!
Iridiums large color touch screen keeps you informed at all times. Upon moving a knob,
Iridium gives you an optical feedback of your changes in real-time. Filter curves move,
Particle grain sizes change, Envelopes warp and much more:

Komplex Modulator curves can be drawn with your finger

Envelopes show at which point the voices currently are

Wavetables are displayed in comprehensive view modes

VU meters show which voices are used and the individual voice levels

Different Analyzers show the audio signal at different points

Get connected
Two Audio Outputs allow you to listen to Iridium, while two Inputs allow Iridium to process external signals.
4 CV inputs plus Gate In and Trigger In are ready to forward external signals to the Mod Matrix.
Furthermore, Clock In and Clock Out will get your gear in sync. MIDI connections can be made through USB and DIN MIDI.
Iridium is also equipped with a USB Host port for MIDI devices.
This port also handles data exchange, in addition to the MicroSD card slot."


In de beperking,toont zich de Meester.
Lid sinds
27 augustus 2002
Mmm, eerder uitzonderlijk dat een thread over een nieuwe synth (zeker van dit kaliber) al na 5 pages stil valt...Er schijnt weinig animo te zijn voor dit apparaat ?

We zitten hier niet in de goedkope Behringer klasse.
Lid sinds
10 oktober 2002
We zitten hier niet in de goedkope Behringer klasse.

Klopt. Maar dat waren / zijn de Virussen TI ook niet en daar zijn op SF meerdere telefoonboeken over geschreven...
En je zou toch verwachten dat een toestel zonder precedent inzake functionaliteit toch wat meer aandacht kreeg.

Voor mij persoonlijk in deze zeker omdat ik ondanks mijn bedenking toch een aankoop overweeg en dus moet ik het stellen met een paar comments aan feedback...8D
Op YT is er gelukkig nog wat te vinden.
Lid sinds
12 oktober 2016
Klopt. Maar dat waren / zijn de Virussen TI ook niet en daar zijn op SF meerdere telefoonboeken over geschreven...

Wat kan meespelen, er is tegenwoordig meer aanbod. Nieuwe synths vallen daardoor minder op. En doordat er ook meer aanbod is in de lagere prijsklassen, misschien kopen mensen liever meerdere, goedkopere synths in plaats van één dure?


SoundDesign and MusicArts
Lid sinds
28 december 2004
Het kan aan mij liggen , maar als ik verschillende demo's van de iridium online hoor bekruipt me altijd het gevoel dat ik naar een opgevoerde Waldorf Q zit te luisteren.
[ nu vind ik de q altijd wel een toffe synth] ... maar toch .

Tom 32

Ouwe rot
Lid sinds
16 januari 2003
hete kolen
Ik vind de Iridium zeker een zeer interessant instrument in vele opzichten en ik heb hem ook een moment overwogen, maar ik moet streng zijn voor mezelf.
Met nog een complex instrument erbij vrees ik dat ik het overzicht een beetje ga verliezen, dus ik beperk mijn aanschafbeleid tot Eurorack de komende tijd.
Nou oke dan, misschien nog een Hydrasynth keys en een Synthi kloon. ;)