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1010music Blackbox firmware update version 1.2.2


Ouwe rot
Lid sinds
3 juli 2002
Tongelre Eindhoven
Nieuwe firmware versie voor de 1010music Blackbox sampler met een aantal nuttige en interessante toevoegingen:

Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback. Based on your input we are pleased to make available our next beta release, version 1.2. Here is the list of what's new:
  • Simple granular synthesis. We built this enhancement in response to requests for loop crossfading--it takes the idea much further. Look for a new option in the Sample/Clip/Slicer drop down menu. Granular mode works as an extension to sample mode. You can define the pitch, start, stop, length, loop mode, etc. You also get these parameters per voice:
    • Grain size: 1024 to 16384, which is about 10ms to about 200ms
    • Grain count: 2-8. Running 8 grains sounds cool but eats up the processor
    • Spread: The amount of randomization in grain position surrounding the playhead
    • Speed: How quickly the playhead advances through the waveform.
  • Copy and paste of PADS. From the PADS screen, turn the lower right knob to the right as you will see a new control panel.
  • Recording templates: Configure the pad mode, launch mode, envelope, and MIDI setup--before recording the sample
  • MIDI Keys channel. Hook a keyboard to the blackbox and it will play the active pad directly.
  • Knob control of the event step as well as pitch and duration in the SEQ editor.
  • MIDI output channel per pad
  • Control of the edit position in the text edit window. You can finally change the beginning of a file or preset name.
  • Pressing the grid button in the upper left corner of most control panels lets you switch PADS or SEQS directly without returning to the main screen
  • New navigation style for PADS. There are now only two main pages per pad: The Waveform and the Control Panel. The control panel has several sub pages directly accessible by a toolbar at the bottom
Bug fixes:
  • Saving or Trimming WAV files a few minutes in length would crash the box
  • Sometimes the knobs, particularly the upper right one, would jitter
  • Sometimes the thruing of MIDI controllers would alter the value slightly
  • On short envelopes, there was aliasing
Download blackbox 1.2.2

Please check it out and let us know what you think. Thank you for your support

The 1010music Team

en wat bugfixes tussen minor versies:

Version 1.2.2 includes fixes for the following issues in 1.2.1:
  • Loading bitbox presets, including some of the factory content would result in samples that could not switch pad mode
  • Live MIDI Keys data is not sent to the MIDI Output channel on a pad
  • It is possible to overload the unit playing several different notes on Granular pads when using Gate launch mode
  • The Speed on Granular mode goes below zero but doesn't do anything.

Ik ben er blij mee :)