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19/11/04 Paul Birken (usa) Live @ Den Hemel - Diest (belgie)


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9 augustus 2004
radion & migraen proudly present

finally in belgium... LIVE... a midwest acid hero ... PAUL BIRKEN (communique rec, tonewrecker rec, dropbass, PRR, Jackstar,..)

bijgestaan door :

ChAos (live)

dit alles 19/11/04 @ den Hemel - Scherpenheuvel - Zichem - Diest- belgium - europe

extra info rond paul Birken:

zijn discography:

te vinden op www.tonewrecker.com

Also records as: Bobaflux, Land Of The Lost

- Surfin' Superior, 2x12" (Communique Records)
- Speaker Freakin', 12" (Communique Records)
- One Way Whammy EP, 12" (People Of Rhythm)
- SHiDDi MiDi, 12" (Drop Bass Network)

- Nowhere Victim, 12" (Saboteur)
- Wire Stutters, 12" (Tonewrecker Recordings)
- Waite Park, 12" (HiPass)
- Dirt Data EP, 12" (Jackstar Recordings)
- Degression Mode EP, 12" (Don't)
- Looking Out Blindly, 12" (Highball Music)

- Overdose (Paul Birken Mix) on Factory 303, CD (X-Sight Records)
- Jump In The Fire (Paul Birken Remix) on Jump In The Fire, 12" (Blueline Music)
- Dirty Job (Paul Birken Mix) on Dirty Job, 12" (X-Sight Records)
- Hit With A Brick (Paul Birken's North Shore Mix) on Hit With A Brick - Remixes, 2x12" (Sounds (US))
- Paul Birken BS on Remix BS Part 1, 12" (Framework Music)
- Distortional (Paul Birken Mix) on Digital Empire Studio Wars, CD (Brooklyn Music Limited (BML))

- Surfin, Superior on Factory 101, CD (X-Sight Records)
- Speaker Freak on Factory 101, CD (X-Sight Records)
- Flexin It on Factory 303, CD (X-Sight Records)
- Broken Hearts on Parotic Foundations Volume 2, 12" (Parotic Music)
- Bobaflux R.I.P. on Lowrider Suites Vol. 2, 12" (Lowest Common Denominator)
- Tube Crop on AfrikaAware, CD (AfrikaAware)
- Slag Drag on Time and Space, 12" (Teknotik Records)
- Life Chant (Original) on Lifechant EP, 12" (Tora Tora Tora)
- Plastic Seat Pinch on Big Wheel Turf Wars, 12" (Tonewrecker Recordings)
- Flat Spot Fink on Big Wheel Turf Wars, 12" (Tonewrecker Recordings)
- Muzzleplication on Flapjacks Like Me, 12" (Tonewrecker Recordings)
- Psykript Griddle Grab on Flapjacks Like Me, 12" (Tonewrecker Recordings)
- Turtlespeek on Psycho Shoxx Part 2, 12" (Highball Music)
- Speaker Freaker (Five, Four, Three, Two, One Mix) on Pro.File 2: Frankie Bones, Turntable Specialist, CD (Brooklyn Music Limited (BML))
- Sufferflex on We Pledge Allegience, 12" (Framework Music)
- Cued Tip (Angel Alanis Mix) on Digital Empire Studio Wars, CD (Brooklyn Music Limited (BML))
- Turtle Speek on Schranz Total Vol. 5, 2xCD (Toptrax Recordings)
- 4 Horsemen on In The Mix Techno 2, CD (Cold Front)

en zijn BIO:

For the last 17 years, Paul has been developing and exploring his love for the limitless potential that exists when you chain together synths, sequencers, samplers, and drum machines. From those early teen days with his old Commodore 64 computer and a few synths through the present (with an ever-changing studio and gear arsenal), the ability to create grooves and trax that you can get into and get down with has allowed him to branch into the techno/house/electro world. Over the past 8 years, Paul has had the opportunity to put out solo releases and remixes on various, highly respected, electronic labels including Teknotik America, Communique, Drop Bass Network, Catalyst, Brooklyn Music, Sounds, Nu Futura, Spy vs. Spice, People of Rhythm, Tape, Flatiron, Head in the Clouds, Hi-Pass, Framework, Blueline, Fork Records, and Saboteur. Along with these projects comes the opportunity to work and collaborate with many other respected colleagues in the scene. Some of these times have involved working with artists such as Frankie Bones, Terry Mullan, Bob Brown, Oliver Lieb, Woody McBride, Bob Brown, and Tony Rohr to name a few. Now his own imprint "Tonewrecker Recordings" is keeping the Midwest strongly on the map with regular releases from producers around the world that feel the same level of passion for techno music in all it's forms.

While it's always a challenge and interesting to make trax in the studio for an album or remix, it is a constantly evolving process when creating live pa's. Since he doesn't spin records, Paul's live sets include everything from new trax that you'll never hear on an available release to last minute remixes of his own cuts, or even other artists trax that he wants to include in the 60-90 minute set. Each set is unique in that it gets erased after the event and won't be heard again. With over 175 unique performances at various parties and clubs all across the U.S. and overseas. The 100% live, bangin' funk pa's will hopefully show up somewhere near you soon.

URLs: http://www.tonewrecker.com
Aliases: Bobaflux, Land Of The Lost
In Groups: Birken & Bones, Headroom vs Paul Birken, Paul Birken And Bob Brown, Plurby & Dr. E-Tard, Tone Broke

for more info on paul birken or the party, check the sites


hopelijk tot dan...