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15 september 2018
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• 21 vinyl records in high quality sleeves manufactured with italian cardboards from 100% recycled waste and silkscreen printed one by one using luminiscent ink.
• 18 vinyl records in 12" with full works by:
Carl Finlow - Microlith - Cignol - MetaComplex - Nullptr - Scape One - Nebenprodukt - Franck Kartell - Kan3da - Das Muster - Johan Inkinen - Luxus Varta - Obergman - Foreign Sequence - Mesak - Mental Note - Cygnus - Noise&Noise​

• 2 vinyl records in 12" VV.AA.
Hieroglyphica - Heimelektronik - Mauro Nakimi - Acidulant - Jensen Interceptor - Luke Eargoggle - Automatic Tasty - Mutex - Aquagonia - Noamm - Binary Digit - Martin Matiske​

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• Extra record in 7" by ARPANET
• High Quality T-Shirt silkscreen printed in luminescent ink that glows in the dark

These times where everything occurs so fast is really difficult to make a pause and with calm try to understand what you have in front of you. Just for the simple fact you are reading about this new project, we want to thank you, so thank you very much for supporting this project, we really appreciate you put some of your time reading and listen about it. This is an epic crusade that simply wants to show in all its splendor what it means for many of us such an eroded term but as beautiful as it is the word "underground". For many of us, this music represents values that we would like to see more often, values that we want (and we need) to be reflected in future generations. Now that everyone talks about our music is easy to read here and there things like "...electro music is very limited ... sounds always the same"... These words really hurts many of us, the many we love, and we know in depth what electro music is, because electro music is just the opposite, it is a very diverse and rich music, you can feel the pulse of electro in many compositions, thousands of tracks, even in ambient tracks with no beats. The 808 Box is a good example of how diverse the electro music is, with Electric Eclectics we want to go a step forward and we contacted with some artists we consider they have a very special and unique sound. This new project started two years ago but the truth is we have not gathered enough courage to make it real until last days of December. The support we received to our last projects, the 5th Anniversary 808 Box and Music For The Other People Place helped us to take more risk and decide to start with Electric Eclectics. The foundations and the aim of this project is exactly the same of the 808 Box, but this time we want to put the light over some artists who helped to build and develop the sound of modern electro music, but also others that we consider the present and the future of our music, they are unique and a good example of how diverse and rich is our music, the Underground Electro Music.

Here you can listen the 21 records included in this project. First 18 are records dedicated to only one artist, the last 2 records are exclusive tracks from artists involved in the second part of this project we will release next year, we also included an extra 7" by Arpanet! The audio included here is about one/two minutes of all tracks included in each record... this is more than 3 hours... but the total length of the 21 records is almost 9 hours of pure electro music.

Gerald Donald aka Heinrich Mueller aka Der Zyklus aka Zerkalo (with Victoria Lukas)... delivered an enormous track full of energy for the first part of the Electric Eclectics project. Herr Mueller collaborated and supported the Fundamental Records projects before, the 3rd 808 Box and the last part of the Elektro Domésticos compilation in 2011, but this time we have the honor and the pleasure to release a very special record for this project as Arpanet. It is a dream come true, of course, but this contribution of Arpanet is much more than a record. For many of us Arpanet is an essential part of our music, the Rosetta Stone of modern electro music, the missing link not only to be able to understand the current electro movement, you will also be listening an advance of the future by one of the truly pioneers of the underground electronic music.






















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