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Roland Juno 66


gebruikte oscillator
Lid sinds
19 Maart 2007
~ Roland Juno 66 for sale ~

This Juno 60 is technically in a good condition. Everything works smoothly. The cut off fader works but needs a polish to avoid the once in a blue moon parameter jump. The Chord Memory momentary switch works but needs to be tamed sometimes.

Cosmetically it's not a beautiful machine. I bought it back in the days with the drilled holes in the side as well as holes drilled in the back plate.

I've installed a Tubbutec modification. Hanging cables will be fixed this week. Ordered a little plate for it yesterday. The green paper sticker (easily removable without wear) is a reference to the Tubbutec modification. The midi works perfectly.

This modification makes the 60 a total new machine — adds: detuning of the voices, alternative tunings, midi filter, pitch bend, arp and portamento control, a second ADSR for the filter, etc etc

This machine is going online before I could have made the time to finish it into mint condition again. I have had a blast with this machine for many years but I'm investing in to a new machine.

Note that the price in this condition is €1450 excl shipment. I can provide you the DCB connector with the machine if you want it.


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