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K2500R incl. originele Kurzweil Pro Library Serie (ongeopend!)

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22 augustus 2011
Na jaren trouwe dienst en tot voor kort in gebruik geweest in studio (nooit op de buhne geweest!), neem ik nu afscheid van 1 van de 2 Kurzweil K2500R in mijn bezit.

Ik bied hem te koop aan in weliswaar gebruikte, maar prima technische en optische toestand.
48 stemmige "true polyphony", compatible met Roland, AKAI en ENSONIQ libraries, incl 96Mb RAM, 4Gb interne HD, SCSI CD Drive. Verder technische details even googlen.

Als toetje doe ik er de complete Kurzweil Pro Sound Library in NIEUWE, ONGEOPENDE TOESTAND bij. [!ZELDZAAM!]
Daar doe ik dan nog de originele Sweet Water Session Drum sample CD nog eens bovenop

Dat is dan een pakket met een van de beste klinkende hardware sample-player die er ooit gemaakt is, gecombineert met ~ 5 Gb blibliotheek aan ORIGINELE top-samples uit de beste studio's ter wereld en samengesteld door top-engineers .
(zie beschrijving onder)
Een echt 'Plug & Play" pakket waarmee je direkt de warme, herkenbare sound toevoegt aan je muziek.

Verdere vragen beantwoord ik graag, onzin biedingen worden direct verwijdert want onder de 450 EURO gaat dit pakket niet weg.


Even info over de sample libraries:

Kurzweil Pro 2 Series - Pro Sound Libraries: (google voor nadere info!)
The following sound sets are available to add even more incredible sounds to your K2000, K2500, K2600 or K2661 series instruments. All of these sound libraries, contain samples and therefore require you to have Sample RAM in your instrument.

- - Bass Gallery
The Bass Gallery CD-ROM features over 600 meg of incredible bass samples, taken from 17 different basses! The CD-ROM includes both electric and acoustic basses. All the basses have been sampled with a variety of different articulations, dependi ng on the type of bass, including Finger, Pick, and Slap. There are many extras, including hammer-ons, ghost notes, harmonics, pulls, slides, and double-stops. (Requires a minimum of 8Mb SIMMs. For K2000, also requires v3.18 or higher.)

- - Classic Synth CD-ROM
The Classic Synth CD-ROM reproduces the original factory program sets (and many other outstanding programs) of 13 different analog synthesizers and 7 digital synthesizers of the past. Our programmers got their hands on the original analog instruments and created Kurzweil emulations using either the VAST synthesis engine and/or sampling. (Requires a minimum of 4Mb SIMMs. For K2000, also requires v3.18 or higher.)

- - Key Solutions Vol. 1
Kurzweil Music is proud to distribute the KeySolutions Vo. 1 Sample Library. KeySolutions is dedicated to creating the highest quality samples available at a price musicians can afford. Volume 1 features a wide variety of sounds. Pianos , electric pianos, drums, basses, and a collection of synth sounds and textures. (Requires a minimum of 16Mb SIMMs - some files require as much as 64Mb. For K2000, also requires v3.18 or higher.)

- - Synthscapes CD-ROM
The Synthscapes CD-ROM features a wide variety of synth textures, leads, pads, basses, and keyboard comping sounds. The sounds were created by combining patches from many classic synths, to achieve unique sounds not found on any individual instrument. (Requires a minimum of 16Mb SIMMs. For K2000, also requires v3.54 of higher).

- - Take 6
Kurzweil Music Systems is proud to offer our Take 6 CD-ROM for Kurzweil V.A.S.T. Series instruments. This hot vocal sound collection includes many different vocal articulations and will prove to be a very powerful weapon in the composers arsenal. This isn't just another sound disk, this is like having the finest studio vocalists at your convenience 24-hours a day. (Requires a minimum of 16Mb SIMMs. For K2000, also requires v3.54 or higher.)

- - Up From The Curb CD
Up From The Curb: A Percussion Library Featuring Bashiri Johnson. On this CD-ROM, you'll find loops, hits, and pickups performed by one of today's busiest, most creative session percussionists. Bashiri Johnson has added his special magic to recordings by some of music's legendary performers - and with "Up From The Curb" and your Kurzweil synthesizer, to your recordings as well. (Requires a minimum of 16Mb SIMMs. For K2000, also requires v3.54 or higher.)

- - Sweetwater Total Stereo Session Drums:
Over 400 Megabytes of Killer Percussion for Your Kurzweil!
This CD-ROM is a remarkable achievement in the endless quest to replicate real drums kits from a keyboard or MIDI drum controller. The stunning ambient realism provided in each file is due to a number of exciting synthesizer and sample techniques. Over 400 megabytes of data! Over 1 ,200 new samples in full stereo! Rock, funk, jazz, Latin, country, reggae, GM kits and more, plus raw samples that let you create your own kits!

Every single drum in every kit was recorded in true stereo, which adds a level of realism and fullness that simply cannot be match with mono samples. Some of these kits were recorded in a fairly dry room and close mic'd while others were sampled in live rooms with the mics pulled back just a bit to emphasize the ambience.

Another revolutionary new technique is the use of Sweetwater's exclusive "8 Velocity Layer Keymaps." These specially recreated keymaps contain eight full layers with each layer being triggered by velocities from ppp through fff. And, even though these keymaps offer eight different ways of playing a sample, they still only need one program layer!


Paul Ward van Sound on Sound schreef:

Kurzweil K2500R
Production Stat ion Rack (Preview)
Published in SOS September 1995
Reviews : Sound Module
Long-term K2000 user PAUL WARD gets to grips with the latest in Kurzweil's line of groundbreaking synths for just long enough to produce this hands-on preview...

From my first experience of Kurzweil's K2000, I knew I was in the presence of something special -- it has that indefinable quality where all the elements work together to produce a truly 'musical' instrument. I've often wondered how Kurzweil would attempt to better such an instrument. Enter the K2500R.
On the face of it, the K2500R represents a bigger and better K2000R. With a true polyphony of 48 voices, the K2500R certainly enables much fuller arrangements to be accommodated; indeed, this single feature alone might well justify some existing K2000 owners to consider an upgrade. The now familiar VAST (Variable Architecture Synthesis Technology) system provides the basic sound archi tecture, offering 60 different DSP functions arranged in 31 algorithms. Each of the 48 voices can have its own DSP treatment, if required. I have often found the K2000 to be somewhat sluggish in multitimbral mode, and the K2500R's new 25MHz Motorola 68340 CPU represents a significant improvement in processing power.
A new soundset of 200 programs and 100 setups is available, including a whole new selection of custom drum samples, which are very good indeed. Kurzweil have also taken the opportunity to tweak some of the original K2000 samples in the K2500R's ROM, with the result that many of them are supposed to sound subjectively better than those in the original K2000. Having played the two machines side by side, I can report that any differences are subtle, although the overall output of the K2500R does seem slightly cleaner and brighter. The programs and setups do the machine more justice than those which graced the K2000, and are certainly arranged in a much more logical manner.
As might be expected in a professional rack synth these days, the panels are awash with useful sockets, including a master stereo pair and a healthy complement of eight audio outputs (which can also double as inserts). A pair of SCSI connectors give access to external storage media, such as hard drives, CD ROMs or magneto-optical drives. The review machine came fitted with the optional sampling upgrade, which gives a choice of both analogue (via low-impedance XLRs or high-impedance stereo jack) and digital (optical or electrical RCA/SPDIF) recording. Promised future options include a more sophisticated digital effects processor and a digital multitrack interface to provide conversion of eight K2500R channels to Alesis ADAT or Tascam DA88 formats.
Rather than design a completely new operating system for users to get to grips with, Kurzweil have wisely chosen to stay with a w inning formula. Consequently, anyone familiar with the K2000's working methods will be at home here. For those who have become used to the cryptic parameter access of some other synth manufacturers over the years, Kurzweil's operating system is a force 10 gale of fresh air. My own K2000 (keyboard version) is endowed with version 3 software, complete with 32-track sequencing, enhanced disk operations and an object management system to satisfy the most demanding of users. Happily, the K2500R incorporates all of these features, and one or two more.
Compatibility with other manufacturers' sample libraries has become a must in today's sampler market, and the K2500R retains Kurzweil's commitment to providing access to Roland, Akai and Ensoniq libraries. It's also capable of reading AIFF and WAV sample files. Compatibility with existing K2000 libraries is assured, although this may involve one or two tweaks, due to changes in some keymaps and those new drum samples. Thankfully, Kurzweil supply a K2000 compatibility diskette to help in these instances. Standard MIDI song files can be both read and written in type zero format.
Despite what you might have heard, fully working models of the K2500R have been in this country for such a short while that there hasn't been time to produce an in-depth review of the K2500R before this issue of SOS goes to print. While everyone else is out soaking up the sun and dodging the North Sea sewage, I will do my duty as a committed reviewer and lock myself away to produce the full review for next month's SOS. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it... See you next month.
Thanks to the M Corporation (01425 470007) for loan of their K2500R.
With the operating software held in Flash ROM, K2500R software upgrades can be made from floppy disk, rather than by opening up the machine and fitting new chips. Kurzweil have certainly passed the test of time as far as software upgrades are concerned, continuing to support the K2000 series through three major software levels, with a constant supply of enhancements and bug fixes in between -- and the version 4 operating software is already at the planning stage, according to the latest information. With this in mind, it is reassuring that I'll no longer have to take out my screwdriver to upgrade! Indeed, Kurzweil are making software releases available from an on-line service, which certainly goes a long way towards making the whole process as painless as possible.

The K2500R holds a base ROM of 8Mb, expandable to a maximum of 28Mb with Kurzweil's ROM SoundBlocks, including a new 4Mb Stereo Grand Piano. Up to 128Mb of sample RAM can be added in the form of Macintosh-type 30-pin SIMMs. User programs are held in 240K of battery-backed RAM, which is again expandable to 1.25Mb via the opti onal memory upgrade kit.
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