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De grote muziek docu draad


Guru Meditation Error
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15 juli 2003
niet direct synth-gerelateerd maar wel een goeie muziek docu:



ɯoT ןɐıʇuǝnbǝS
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12 oktober 2010
Weet niet of deze hier al ergens staat.
Synth Britannia Documentary - YouTube

Great documentary on the development of electronic music in England. Enjoy all the out of this world footage from OMD, Depeche Mode, The Normal, Human League, Cabaret Voltaire and super interesting interviews with members from those bands.
Dank! Prachtige documentaire, met een tragi-komisch eind via de verzuchtende woorden van Andy McCluskey, vanaf 1:26:38 :

"We were trying to do something new. That's specifically why we chose electronics and embraced every piece of equipment we could get our hands on or afford. We wanted to sweep away all of those old rock clichés and the stereotypes of the lead guitar solos and long hair and everything.
And then what happens?! Towards the end of the eighties and even worse in the mid nineties, everybody decides that guitars are back in, synthesizers are somehow old fashioned, and you get Oasis! ... Horror!! "