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We verwelkomen ons nieuwste forumlid, rd70
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14-01-2018 - 14:24 - door Dr van Lansberg
Het stemmen voor de Synthforum Contest 2017 is begonnen! Elk lid mag stemmen, ook als je geen deelnemer aan de contest bent.
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Korg Volca Mix
18-01-2018 - 10:48 - door Fristi
volca mix is the long-awaited mixer for the volca series. The volca mix is a four-channel analogue performance mixer that lets you construct a live setup combining multiple volca units.

Volume faders are easy to control, plus crisp-sounding LO/HI CUT filters, and a master chain that radically transforms the sound. In addition to the sync function found on all volcas, there are also DC output connectors that can supply power for up to three volca units. Numerous functions to facilitate your on-stage volca performances have been packed into a high-quality aluminum-paneled body, reminiscent of a high-end DJ mixer.

The volca mix will unlock the maximum potential of the volca series.

In de demo hebben ze er twee nodig aangezien er maar 3 kanalen opzitten..

(eigenlijk zitten er vier op, maar die heeft geen slider)
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Korg Prologue
17-01-2018 - 23:34 - door Morpher

Korg Prologue

"A 49-key, polyphonic analog polyphonic synthesizer and the 61-key, 16-channel version, which can be described as a "hybrid" synth by integrating a digital motor into the center of its fully analog circuit.

Close cousin of KORG's already famous Minilogue and Monologue, the prologue is a complete and fully programmable polyphonic analog synthesizer. Hormone boosted version, it is distinguished from these predecessors by a keyboard with large keys, a polyphony of 8 or 16 channels (depending on the model) and a new engine
digital sound (the multi-engine) greatly expanding the sound and customization possibilities. As you will understand, the prologue range includes two models: the 8-channel version of 49 keys and the 16-channel version of 61 keys. Let's find out more in detail what lies beneath this beast ...

Analog power

The prologue takes again the powerful analogical circuits which made the strength of its predecessors (Minilogue and Monologue), and thus proposes an incomparable quality of sound as well as an astonishing presence. More than 11000 electronic components have been used for its manufacture! The prologue is composed of 2VCO, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA and 1LFO. It also features the famous built-in oscillator allowing you to create unique waveforms to refine your harmonies and create breathtaking sounds. Add to that a bipolar low-pass filter and powerful distortion and you have a powerful analog palette to create deep bass, powerful leads, and the beautiful pads that are expected of a polyphonic synthesizer. Also note that the prologue is bi-timbral, and allows you to play two different programs simultaneously.

Despite its analog power, the prologue retains its...[Lees meer!]
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Arturia RackBrute
17-01-2018 - 15:25 - door Morpher

Hardware and software synth specialists Arturia have announced the release of RackBrute, a Eurorack modular storage, power, and transport system featuring Arturia Link.
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