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We verwelkomen ons nieuwste forumlid, Moogje
Studio One 4 is nu te koop
25-05-2018 - 10:42 - door Roonan

Het kwam voor mij als een verrassing, maar hij is net een paar dagen geleden vrij gegeven. Het is geen mega update (wel betaald), maar er zitten wel vele kleine handige en een paar hele bijzondere nieuwe functies in. Mijn favoriete DAW is nu nog completer. Ik ben blij

Studio One 4 Highlights
As always, Presonus has not disappointed, the scale of new features added in Studio One 4 is considerable, they include;

Chord track and Harmonisation - allows the users to identify and manipulate both instrument and audio tracks, giving real-time harmonisation and more. (Professional version only)
Pattern Editor - Patterns offer grid style pattern creation in much the same way one would create a drum pattern on a 909 or 808, but this is supercharged and enables the user to create pattern based songs of varying loop lengths.
Drum Editor - Drum parts can now be viewed and edited as triggers on a grid. Unused pitches can be hidden too.
AAF Import and Export. Open and send songs to and from Pro Tools, Logic Pro X and more.
Song Data Import. Comprehensive import of all or part of an existing Studio One song. (Professional version only)
Ripple Edit mode. A comprehensive edit mode making editing of tracks or entire songs much faster. (Professional version only)
Impact XT - A fully backward compatible version of Impact that offers over 20 new features. Supercharge your drum and audio effects sample library with features that make creating kits super fast.
Sample One XT - 25 new features that include live sampling, auto-slicing, time stretching and more.
New light mode for those who prefer lighter GUIs.

Lees hier meer:...[Lees meer!]
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Steinberg stopt nu toch echt per Oktober 2018 met ondersteuning van VST2 (SDK)
19-05-2018 - 13:17 - door Kwurqx
Steinberg stopt nu toch echt met support van de VST2 SDK (Software Development Kit).

Dat zal er op termijn toe leiden dat VST ontwikkelaars ook geen VST2 versie meer zullen leveren/ondersteunen.

Het zal wel niet zo'n enorme vaart lopen. VST2 blijft beschikbaar als subset van VST3.

En de meeste DAW's ondersteunen inmiddels ook VST3

Steinberg has announced that "VST 2 coming to an end".

Here's what they say:

Late 2013 we announced that the Software Development Kit (SDK) for VST 2 would no longer be maintained and would only be available as subset of the VST 3 SDK. Five years down the line and this transitional phase is now also coming to an end.

From October 2018 onward we are closing down the second version of VST for good. While the VST 2 SDK has been unavailable, and so have maintenance and technical support, the subset within the VST 3 SDK will also be omitted.

VST 2 compatibility with Steinberg VST hosts will remain, however, we recommend to root for the latest version of VST. VST 2 was introduced in 1999 and since then the technology has evolved dramatically. Since 2008, the SDK for the third iteration of VST, VST 3, has been available and since then efforts are focused entirely on the further development of VST 3.

"We appreciate that developers and users alike gravitate
...[Lees meer!]
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Cakewalk by BandLab gratis download !!!
18-05-2018 - 13:23 - door OORzaak
World-leading DAW SONAR, with the entire SONAR Platinum feature set, is relaunching as Cakewalk by BandLab
Full authentication and unlimited feature-access will be available free
Early access to Cakewalk by BandLab is available now on Windows

De download link:
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Hard Mod Released Spring Reverb Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
16-05-2018 - 18:12 - door OORzaak

It based on 11 modules and features: two VCO, two VCF, VCLFO, VC S&H, ADSR, EG 1 & EG2 , VCA dual and a stereo mixer. The case is made of wooden and has a black vinyl lining, aluminium panel, metal ironworks, black leather handles and a cover to protect your patch.

The Modular Synth is available now for a price of $1685 USD + worldwide shipping ($95 USD to US, $135 USD worldwide + taxes.
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