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Out on Dec 15th: Tony Dubshot ~ Dub Experryments (full size dub album)
This is for the heddz. An album's worth of Xen Dubbhism. The word Xen meaning xenharmonic, as in weird harmonies transmitted live & direct from far away dub galaxies and picked up at the ISM studios using the latest in sphere technology.


"A master synthesist, mixing and mastering engineer, Dubshot is a talent to watch in the rapidly evolving field of microtonal-with-a-beat. Highly recommended."
Jacky Ligon

"An exciting album, very original. Tony Dubshot shows exceptional understanding of what makes dub come alive."
Sean 'Sevish' Archibald (Split Notes)

Listening to dub can be like moving through an abstract painting but with a fat bass added. Most technoid dubscapes are stark, desolate and minimal like the abstract paintings of ~ say ~ Mark Rothko. On the other hand 'Dub Experryments' is more like switching on Radio Kandinsky. A lively, almost tangible mess of strange colors and fx.

Dubshot likes his dub fairly over the top. In that sense he's from the Mad Professor school of dub, but not all of the time. The opening tracks of 'Dub Experryments' are more like electronic remakes of mellow oldskool tracks by King Tubbys or Scientist.

Dubshot is quite taken by the possibilities of xenharmonic music. He has already released a succesful album titled Omega Dub (2010, SPNT-002) on Split Notes, the first netlabel livicated 100% to funky music with experimental harmonies. And the Dubbhism release titled Keeping it steady by Glamma Woods (2010, DUBBHISM-026) is in fact an absinthe-soaked, deliriously xenharmonic tribute to all musicians who indulge in large quantities of sonic experrymentation.

Dub, gear & geouwehoer
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