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Er is nog wel het een en ander veranderd aan het nieuwe doosje. Onder andere veel CV controls en aangepaste circuits.

Hier de volledige lijst.

. TT-303 Bass Bot
A full analog synth clone of the famous TB303, coming with a lot of new features and improvements, from the sound point of view as well as the ergonomics of the machine and the sequencer.
A new design, new pots very smooth, new features for Live jam, 2 new sequencer modes for even more creativity, added CV / Gate (and even more) outputs to play your favorite synths !
The design of the analogue circuit (composed of 1 VCO) and the audio engine has been improved compared to the previous version, giving it a warm and groovy sound thanks to the addition of the Shuffle (not present on the original) .
The very intuitive sequencer takes on the original spirit while bringing new and unique features such as Mute and Hammer, which gives it a great flexibility for live jam and more sound variations, as well as 2 new sequencer modes to create New patterns.
Among the highlight and new features we find :
A new design and better ergonomic :
- A new design very elegant and modern.
- New pots / knobs, bigger, more flexible and very pleasant.
- Carrying bag and decksaver (dust cover) included.
- Numerous possibilities for customizing the LEDs colors to better identify your patterns and more.
A modern and very powerful sequencer :
- 432 user patterns, up to 64 steps per pattern !
- 108 presets patterns presets under 9 different styles.
- 108 user patterns for the new pattern creation feature (PATTERN LAB).
- Non-volatile memory (no more batteries required !!!).
- Adjust the swing / shuffle to add groove to your productions.
- Adjusting GATE LENGTH and SLIDE TIME for even more possibilities and original bass lines.
- 2 new features, MUTE and HAMMER, to add more life to your patterns. These functions are accessible in recording mode (WRITE) and also in real time for live.
- The MUTE modifier mimics the effect of performing a palm mute with a bass. Muted steps are somewhat shorter and will sound less bright.
- The HAMMER modifier simulate a hammer-on or hammer-off action. The HAMMER modifier causes the note from the current step to hammer into the note of the next step in the pattern.
- 2 new unique modes for creating and editing patterns, LOOP EDIT and PATTERN LAB.
- LOOP EDIT provide a way to create or edit a pattern while the sequencer is running.
- PATTERN LAB give extended control of the pattern generator so that you can create patterns that fit your desired style, modifiers used and even your musical key.
- 1 unique ARP mode, a powerful tool for making expressive variations of your patterns.
- Advanced editing features like COPY / PASTE / CLEAR and much more.
A modern audio section and connectivity :
- Analog audio circuit.
- 1VCO - 2 Waveforms Sawtooth or Square.
- Excellent audio spécifications and noise floor (widely improved compared to the original).
- Added Outputs : CV / GATE / ACCENT / DYN SYNC / RUN - STOP / VCO OUT, allowing for example to control and sequence other synths.
- 1 Main output (mono) and 1 stereo headphone output.
- 1 external input to let you use the TT303 filter on your favorites synths and drum machines.
- 1 Midi in et out.
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