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16 nieuwe vsts 1 maand gratis te downloaden.
Ok, as a lot of my vst's were bigger then 4mb lately, I've put them all together into a rar file and put them on send-space. SO, what's in it!?!

16 vsts containing sequencers, synthesizers, effects and midi-tools:


These plugins are made by SirSickSik (Remco van der Most)
Created in the synthedit environment, made by Jeff McClintock.
A lot of modules of other 3rd party developers have also been used throughout the projects and I want to specially thank these people:

Chris Kerry (CK modules)
Daz Dizley (DD modules)
Etric van Mayer (EVM modules)
Dave Haupt (DH modules)
Kelly Lynch (KDL modules)
Rob Herder (RH modules)
Rurik Leffanta (Xoxos modules)
and any other developer who helps the synthedit community with new possibilities!

Arp you chord: predecessor of arperitis 1-4

Arperitis: first stage of arperitis4

Arperitis3: third stage of arperitis 4

Arperitis4: arpeggiator like midi-plugin. Divides melody in three parts: key, chord-mode and hermonics.

Atom: glitch-fx with automation-presets/record for each knob

Dirty LP: noise-synthesizer which produces random cracks at random times. Filesize is only big because of background image haha

Love-crusher: distortion vst which is the distortion-part of the trickshot V1.3

Midi Change Channel: useful in combination with my other midi-sequencers. Changes all (filtered) incoming midi to this midichannel.

Midi Random Velocity: Useful for randomizing the velocities of notes being send vsts (eg to Atom-vst or SIK-FXD-vst).

Oscillator Project: Small VSTi with FM and PM synthesis. Sync is dividable (sync every #-steps). Filter-shaper allows lots of different spectra.

Siks-voice: not sure anymore..I was drunk when I made it.. I guess it should be some voice-synthesizer or filter haha

Soundfont voice 2Synth: 3x Soundfont based synthesis with random soundfont/preset-buttons. 4x envelope for pitch, velocity and x/y morph between soundfont 1,2,3 and ringmodulated 2*3.
Soundfont 1 is used as volume-transient.
(be careful, if there's just one file in the map or 1 preset in the soundfont, 'randomize' will give an error!)

Soundfont Voice Synth: same as above but with extra vowel filter and formant filter to make more voice-sounds.

Step Matter: simple 4x4 sequencer matrix. Each step has it's own sequence of 'send-direction'. Each time the step receives a gate-high, it goes on step further in it's own
'send-direction' and sends the gate-high to the next selected step. Automatic gate generator makes sure at least 1,2 or 3 gates are on at the same time in case gates-high combine at one step.

TrickshotV1.3: a synthesizer VSTi. Contains the 'stepmatter' inside, which controls an dual-oscilator with phase and pitch modulation, counted-sync and multiple other modulations and settings.
Next to that a filter with step-modulated cutoff and resonance. A/D-s-r has gate-time for A/D stage and step-modulator controls A/D balance. Release=Attack+decaytime. Inbuild vca with distortion,
'verb' (large!) reverb and love-crusher distortion.

Verb: basic reverb with Volume for reverb (dry is send thru), Roomsize, Decaytime, Damp, HP-in, LP-in, Diffuse and Diffuse-setting-randomiser

Don't forget.. this is with send-space, so it's only online for a month! If you come here later on and interested in having the plugins..... you're screwed! no.. just joking... let me know and I'll upload them again

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