TobyBear MIDI Control Center (MCC)

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    TobyBear MIDI Control Center (MCC)

    Van TobyBear, de makers van de onvolprezen 'donatie-ware' MiniHost, MonsterBag en MidiBag komt MIDI Control Center.
    Deze applicatie verwerkt allerlei input data en converteert naar MIDI, en draait in tegenstelling tot bovengenoemde software 'standalone'.

    Ziet er goed uit!
    Gebruik bijv. om van je synth een echte vector-synth te maken.

    MIDI Control Center (MCC) is a useful standalone application that converts the
    input of various devices (keyboard, mouse, joystick and programmable oscillators)
    to MIDI-events (e.g. controllers or notes).

    The following control/input devices are available:
    - 16 key faders
    - 2 mouse boxes
    - 1 joystick field
    - 3 LFOs

    You can use 4 keys per key fader and for every mouse box you can assign MIDI
    events to the X and Y axis, separately for the left and right mouse button.

    Every single control can be configured individually:
    In the "Settings" dialog you can choose the MIDI channel (1..16, 0=no output), the
    MIDI event with LSB/MSB and the minimal/maximal values that define the control

    These MIDI messages can be created and sent:
    - note on/off
    - MIDI CC controller
    - program change
    - RPN/NRPN
    - key pressure
    - aftertouch
    - pitchbend

    It includes a powerful setting morpher that blends all of your options from one setting
    to another. This morphing is even automatable by a MIDI CC itself!
    Download hier: www.tobybear.de.vu
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