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    Enfant Terrible label news

    This summer the first release on the new Dutch label called Enfant Terrible came out. The nine track lp ‘The Plague’ by CFX / XNDL is a piece of dark electronic with ambient, elektro, idm and industrial influences.

    Now Belgium electronic noise pop band PIA fRAUS has signed a deal with Enfant Terrible to release at least two EP’s. Both EP’s will feature new and some older tracks by PIA fRAUS and a remix done by someone else. For the first release Dutch elektro noise producer RA-X (KK records, Bunker Records, Kommando 6, Angel Maker records) has made the remix.

    The first EP is expected around january 2005. It will be a dark and strange elektro/industrial punk record for people with a dark taste and an open mind. References are Skinny Puppy, Legendary Pink Dots, Bastards of Love, Fad Gadget...
    Laatst gewijzigd door GRUIS , 4 november 2004, 22:49.