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    quick & brite - breaking news

    as you might know by now, the new quick & brite single will be called 'taking care of business' and will be released on supertracks records [ http://www.supertracks.nl ] on 12" format. this 12" will feature remixes by electrofunkster bastian and the hague disco king alden tyrell. 'taking care of business' will also be promoted by a videoclip, shot by sandder (infamous for his bastian videoclips [ http://www.sandder.com ]).
    the 12" and video will be released officially on the 23d of november at paradiso (amsterdam). exactly a year after quick & brite won the dutch grand prize (grote prijs van nederland: dance), they will play live at the finals again and also show the videoclip. promo's for the album 'young urban professionals' will be available in limited quantities.

    the final releasedate for the album 'young urban professionals' has not been set yet, but we'll keep you informed. it should be released in the end of december, or start of januari. you can listen to a special preview of the album online if you have the free realplayer:
    [ http://www.tree-top.nl/qb/yup/yup.ram ]

    at the end of december, quick & brite are ready to pack their bags and hitch off to cold russia (!!!!!!) on special invitation, for a special series of shows that will kick off their new 'young urban professionals' tour. ofcourse we will cover all this (audio, video, text) on the new q&b website.

    the new website has been uploaded today, so have a look -now- at [ http://www.tree-top.nl/qb ]
    (use the financial ticker scroll at the bottom for navigation). we also added a guestbook where you can leave all your comments and personal messages (hint! hint!).
    you can also preview the artwork for the 12" and album, as well as listen to live excerpts, look at pics, etc.

    enjoy and have a nice day

    mike.tv & toni little /qb

    Succes met de tour


      Relaxed voor jullie dat t allemaal een beetje in gaan lopen