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Q&A sessie Clavia

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    Q&A sessie Clavia

    Q&A Clavia

    1. How many persons does the R&D team count and what sort of education does one need too do this sort of a job? (Twin-x)

    A: Our R&D team currently consists of five programmers and one "concept"/hardware designer. To work as a developer at Clavia you would have to be a civil engineer in electronics and/or a C++/Assembler programmer. Many of our R&D people are also musicians which is probably why our instruments generally are more user friendly than others.

    2. The more complex a synths features, the harder it is to conceive an appropriate intuitive interface for it. From my experience with Clavia synths I've learned that there is hardly any feature 'in there' that doesn't have its own dedicated control mechanism. I like to think that this is by design choice rather than a mere 'lack of advanced features'. What is the Clavia team's approach to this dilemma? (CraZ / Bikkel)

    A: No matter how many features an instrument has, if it's not easy and intuitive to use, it's not a good instrument. You're right, of course we could implement a huge amount of features but that would possibly only complicate the handling. And we all remember how how frustrating those mid-80's to mid-90's "menu synths" were to program, don't we?

    3. Clavia has done about everything: Modular, VA synths, organ / Rhodes (Nord Electro). Does Clavia already have plans for something totally new (without telling to much)? Like sampling, FX, fm or something totally different? ( EDP / King of Snake)

    A: Who knows ;-)

    4. The first Nord Lead featured a fairly simple form of FM. The '3' features a dual-sine type FM implementation on both main oscillators, with a comprehensive and very intuitive interface. Will we see more of this in the future? Will it go 'all the way' to defeat Yamaha on its own ground with a full-fledged FM Synthesizer with a Clavia-style interface? (CraZ)

    A: Currently we don't have any plans on a full-fledged FM synthesizer.

    5. Why V.A?
    Donít you want to make a real analogue synth? Or at least one with analogue filters.
    (King of Snake/ Chuck)

    A: First of all, a real analog synth would be far too expensive to manufacture and secondly, digital synths gives you much more freedom when it comes to upgrading and improving sound and functionality.

    6. Which Clavia synth does make you guys the most proud and why? (King of Snake)

    A: We're proud of every synth (and digital drum system) we make! However, if we were to pick our favourite instrument, it would probably be the Nord Modular.

    7. When will OS 4 for the Nord Modular be released? And what are the main new features of OS4 for the Nord Modular? ( Marcel D / Yawgmoth)

    A: I'm sorry but I can't give you any info about this right now.

    8.The power of DSP processors has progressed strongly since the Nord Modular has been released. Is the DSP power of the Nord Modulars currently built greater or the same as the first NMís? (Yawgmoth)

    A: The Nord Modular and Micro Modular hardware is the same now as when they were initially released.

    9. Will the next generation of Nord Modulars have a pitch bend wheel sample flashROM, a USB connection, wavetable, grannular functions and delay RAM? (Olafmol / Lo-Fi / Yawgmoth)

    A: For the moment we don't have any plans on any new Nord Modular model.

    10.Clavia was among the first, if not so the first, to produce a virtual analogue synth. And then everybody seemed to jump on the bandwagon. What do you think of that? (Fuse)

    A: That's right, Clavia was first to release a VA synth with the Nord Lead back in -95. Of course it's nice to be first Company with a new concept, and also flattering that other companies tried so hard to copy the concept.

    11. Will Clavia ever develop an easy synth with hardware step sequencer? For instance a bass synth with the algorithm of the NL3 and a sequencer as in de Nord Modular? (Niels)

    A: No plans on this at the moment.

    12. The Fun Factor
    Developing and creating the first Nord Lead must have been an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Is the 'working 7 days a week', 'living on pizza' spirit still alive at Clavia? In other words.. are you still having fun?

    A: Yes, we're working a lot and are still having a lot of fun!

    13. Do you often visit newsgroups/discussion forums to read comments about clavia/ddrum? ( MPCman)

    A: Yes, we keep ourseves informed by regularly visiting newsgroups and discussion forums. It's very interesting to see what users think about our products. Unfortunately, due to lack of people, we're not able to participate actively in the discussions. However, we try to answer as many questions we can that are being addressed directly to Clavia.

    14. Where does the recognizable Nord sound come from? The algorhythm or de hardware (DACís)? (Olafmol)

    A: From the DSP algorithms, i.e. the software.

    15. What is according to Clavia the hardest part of modelling analogue sounds with DSP techniques? (Olafmol)

    A: Making high-quality algorithms at a reasonable code size.

    16. The Nord Lead series eventually started out as a 'virtual analogue' synthesizer. The latest incarnation bares a new 'advanced subtractive synthesis' nametag. How far can Clavia take the DSP'd analogue synthesis? 3 main Oscillators, advanced FM and Ring Modulation, dual multimode-filter capability (parallel/serial), semi-modular approach (as opposed to the fixed routing of today's Nord Leads)? What will the future bring us... ? (CraZ)

    A: There are virtally no limits! ;-). Seriouslly, it's more a question of making an instrument that's playable and user friendly - and sounds great. It's about making intuitive instruments and without making them too complicated. At the end of the day it all comes down to making music, and more features doesn't automatically mean more inspiration for the user. A good combination is the most important part.

    Best regards

    Fredrik Hylvander, Clavia DMI

    -edited by Yawgmoth-
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