The Institute of Sonology The Hague series

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    The Institute of Sonology The Hague series

    2019-11-27 22:00 C.E.T.

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    Marie Guilleray, Siamak Anvary, 聲gel Arranz, Kacper Ziemianin en Fani Konstantinidou

    The institute was founded at the University of Utrecht in 1960 under the name STEM (“Studio for Electronic Music”) as a successor to the former studio for electronic music at Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven. In 1964, Gottfried Michael Koenig became the studio’s artistic director. The studio grew under Koenig’s leadership, and in 1966 an annual international electronic music course was founded which exists to this day.
    In 1967 STEM was renamed as the “Institute of Sonology”. International attention increased in 1971 with the purchase of a PDP-15 computer which was used to develop programs for algorithmic composition and digital sound synthesis. During the early years of the institute a series of landmark programs were developed there, including Koenig’s Project 1, Project 2, and SSP, Paul Berg’s PILE, Werner Kaegi’s MIDIM/VOSIM, and Barry Truax’s POD. In 1986, the institute was moved to the Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

    1/ ESTRAN. (2012) by Marie Guilleray. 00:09:18.
    Fixed media, Stereo reduction from 24 channels.

    2/ SEHASHT. (2016) by Siamak Anvary. 00:10:10.
    Fixed media, Stereo reduction from 24 channels.

    3/ ESQUIRLAS/VACIO. (2004.rev. 2013) by 聲gel Arranz. 00:12:57.
    Akane Takada – piano; 聲gel Arranz – 8-channel electronics.
    Recorded on 23-11-2013vat Bodegas Protos, Penafiel,
    during Festival Penafiel milenio 1013-2013.

    4/ SOUNDLAPSES. (2015-2017) by Kacper Ziemianin. 00:08:44.
    selection: Brno, Wolimierz, Soca.
    A mini-series of experimental field recordings

    5/ MURMURS. (2012-2013) by Fani Konstantinidou. 00:11:04.
    Fixed media, Stereo reduction from 4 channels.
    Ang幨ica V嫙quez – harp.

    Music from the Institute of Sonology.
    Volume 2.

    Produced by:

    Roland Kuit