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midikaart voor Waveterminal 192 kaarten...

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    midikaart voor Waveterminal 192 kaarten...

    Wegens aanschaf midiman deze kaart spiksplinternieuw (een keer in PC gezet) incl doos.....kabel ect....

    Add the power of S/PDIF In and Out and MIDI I/O.
    The MI/ODI/O has one Coaxial Input/Output, one Optical digital Input and 16 channels MIDI Input/Output. The MI/ODI/O is designed to be used with the Waveterminal 192 series of audio cards as an add-on. Its easy to install and does not require any additional power supply or drivers to install. No new IRQ set up involved. The MI/ODI/O lets you get more from your Waveterminal 192 series by adding the power of S/PDIF In and Out and MIDI I/O. MI/ODI/O driver already included in EWDM driver of Waveterminal 192 series. Therefore, by the installation of the driver of Waveterminal 192 series, you can use MI/ODI/O right away. Just hook it up to your Waveterminal 192 card and you're ready to go!

    - 1 X Coaxial Digital Input/Output (192kHz)
    - 1 X Optical Digital Input
    - 16 Channels MIDI Input/Outpput
    - MI/ODI/O add-on card makes Waveterminal 192 series
    - a total of 4 in 8 out / 16 MIDI channel integrated audio interface
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    Video killed the Radio star!!!!
    Oja, spullen;
    midimaster/PC/paar synt's/heel veel snoeren/pluggen en inspiratie.....en een Soldeerbout