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Terratec ESW88MT

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    Terratec ESW88MT

    Wegens overstap naar een ander systeem verkoop ik mijn terratec ESW88MT. In zeer goede staat. Alleen in mijn studio gebruikt.
    Prijs: 225 euro.


    EWS88 MT
    The ultimate MultiTracking solution

    10 Channel MultiTrack System
    Up to 24 Bit / 96 kHz Recording and Playback
    S/PDIF- and MIDI-Interface
    External AD / DA Converter Unit

    The AudioSystem EWS88 MT sums up the demands placed on a professional hard-disk recording card: an adequate number of inputs and outputs that can be expanded as required, clean audio quality and high performance with current hardware and software technology come together to shatter all previous price/performance ratios.

    Eight high-quality analog input and output converters process audio signals (continuously from the hardware to the software) with up to 24 bit and 96 kHz. The converters - and a full-scale MIDI interface - are housed in a 5 1/4" module that can be mounted in a PC drive bay or installed externally. The PCI card itself also features connections for S/PDIF devices (coaxial, e.g. for DAT or MiniDisk), as well as an independent SystemSound (Monitor) output for the reproduction of system sounds or software synthesizers without interfering with your favorite hard-disk recording application.

    Even cascading the EWS systems under one another is possible without a problem. The number of simultaneously available inputs and outputs can thus be increased by the use of up to three additional systems with EWS-Connect*. An internal connection guarantees the sample-exact synchronization of all the cards at any time.

    Of course, the card can also be synchronized with a WordClock signal by the TerraTec EWS ClockWork module.

    The AudioSystem EWS88 MT works straight away with all common audio applications under Windows 95/98 and NT. Drivers for these operating systems are included, as well as support for Steinberg's ASIO 2.0 technology, Microsoft's MME and Nemesys GigaSampler GSIF. And here, too, its uniqueness lies in the details, because the drivers are capable of transmitting 24-bit audio data to the audio software used as a 32-bit data stream. This feature noticeably unburdens the main processor, because unlike with the common packed-byte process, the 24-bit data does not have to first be stacked several times before being transmitted through the 32-bit wide bus.

    The software provided leads you directly to the goal of your audio dreams: the expansive control panel permits the routing of the different signal sources and allows synchronization and driver settings. Included in the package: EMAGICs LOGIC 4 for creative music processing with the EWS. In addition, there is SEK'D's popular audio editor Samplitude in a specially adapted version - Mastering features like de-noiser, multiband-EQ and hum compressor included!
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