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OB-X voiceboards, Maxon Vactrol Phaser, IR3109, TB303 pots

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    OB-X voiceboards, Maxon Vactrol Phaser, IR3109, TB303 pots

    hi guys.. selling an OB-X voiceboard - full working/calibrated

    it's fully working, tested and played in the machine, calibrated.
    tho it might need re-calib after shipping, or to fit with your existing system.
    extra multiturn trimmer built in on VCF for easier matching btwn voices.
    capacitors refreshed. works nice and quiet, which was not the case when
    i first bought my machine and spare boards.

    for expanding your own obx, or making a modularized
    version of a rather powerful sounding monosynth.

    430 euro + shipping

    for paypal i prefer payment in USD. you pickup the fee.
    bank transfer (swift) is okay if you're paying in euros.
    location: my studio in Zagreb, Croatia, EU
    mail to: tomislav.babic AT gmail DOT com. i rarely read private messages.

    Maxon PT9 Pro+ Vactrol Phaser 165 euro edit: reduced to 135 euro / $182

    - high end vactrol-based phaser from Maxon, built like a tank, 10-stages
    - immaculate condition, pots, sound, cosmetics (click pic)
    - online demos: modezero fx
    - some bits i recorded with Andromeda A6:


    Tip Top Audio: Z-rails eurorack mounting rails 84HP and Z-Ears Tabletop
    - together they form the rack for the happy ending kit. 46 euro.
    - new, barely used, for two modules only

    Tip Top Audio: Powered Bus Board 90 euro
    - new, barely used for two modules only

    Digisound 80-7 Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter PCB 1pc left $19/15eur
    - a unique SSM2040-based SVF
    - Digisound 80-7 Voltage Controlled State Variable Filter

    Roland IR3109 spare filter chip for Jupiter4/6/8, Juno-6/60, JX3P, SH101, MC202 and MKS80 rev4 2pc. $36/27eur ea.

    - chips are pulls, but garantied working - from a machine where all filters and analogics worked, yet with other issues with digital logic & memory
    - only trade for BA662A

    Roland SN-R8-01 Contemporary Percussion Card - for R8/R8-m $23/17eur
    - latin percussion, bongos, congas, timbale, surdo etc.. for R8 drum machine
    and R8-m drum module. music for film/tv/theatre