Bitwig 2.4 aankondiging

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    Bitwig 2.4 aankondiging

    Bitwig 2.4 is aangekondigd, ziet er uit als een hele toffe update, waarin met name de sampler heel interessant is geworden, deze krijgt nu ook wavetable en granular mogelijkheden. Daarnaast nieuwe modulators en meer midi mogelijkheden.

    Details: https://www.bitwig.com/en/18/bitwig-studio-2_4.html

    Laatst gewijzigd door Dr van Lansberg , 8 augustus 2018, 14:21.
    This is me: https://soundcloud.com/steeboo
    Latest album, download here!

    Hmm multi channel support, misschien toch maar eens updaten


      Kijk alvast uit naar deze update.
      Brengt direct veel gebruiksmogelijkheden mee voor hardware

      En itb gebruik.

      Sampler gebruikte ik zelden, zal nu mss meer gebruikt worden als ik mogelijkheden ontdek.
      Maar channel filters en nieuwe modulators zijn voor mij belangrijkste.


        Ja die zijn ook zeker welkom. En ik gebruikte sampler ook nooit (ook niet in ableton) maar lijkt me wel leuk om allemaal wilde modular recordings in de sampler te gooien en dan met granular of een van die andere modes daarmee iets nieuws te creëren. Helemaal leuk icm alle modulators heb ik zo'n vermoeden
        This is me: https://soundcloud.com/steeboo
        Latest album, download here!


          Dikke update en lekker bezig die gasten!


            Hij is nu gereleased:

            Full Release Notes:

            What's New in Bitwig Studio 2.4 [released 12 Sept 2018]

            NEW FEATURES
            • Sampler overhaul (see section below)
            • Program-wide MIDI channel support (see section below)
            • New device: Note FX Layer, for stacking note effects as parallel layers
            • New device: Channel Filter, for suppressing select MIDI channels
            • New device: Channel Map, for remapping select MIDI channels
            • New modulator: ParSeq-8, a unique parameter step sequencer
            • New modulator: Note Counter, an incrementer for creating swirling modulation patterns
            • Tracks can be horizontally resized in the Mix View
            • Scenes can be horizontally resized in the Arrange View
            • Scenes can be colored
            • Global controller takeover modes, to set how hardware controllers and software parameters interact
            • On-screen controller visualizations of takeover status, showing the current bank of controls with their parameter values
            • Interaction-based hints, displaying all currently available mouse actions
            • New Quick Start templates in the Dashboard
            • Modulation mappings can now be copied/pasted by various methods
            • Updated device: Bit-8 now has new quantization modes, additional parameters, and an optimized layout
            • Updated device: HW Instrument now has an MPE mode that outputs note expressions as MIDI channel voice messages and dynamically allocates MIDI channels, if appropriate
            • Updated modulator: Steps now has ping-pong looping and pattern generation/processing functions (available via right-click)
            • Controller Scripting API now supports USB device detection and communication
            • Controller Scripting API now offers graphics API (for passing bitmap data to controllers)
            • Added controller support for Novation Launchkey MK2, Launch Control XL, and Launchkey Mini
            • Added controller support for Sensel Morph
            • Added controller support for MIDIPLUS X2mini, X3mini, X4mini, X6mini, X6pro, and X6pro
            • Added controller support for Vault Apex 25, Apex 49, and Apex 61
            • Various writings systems are now displayed properly, including: Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Cham,
            • Cherokee, Chinese, Devanagari, Georgian, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Lao, Runic, Tamil, Telugu, and Thai
            • Updated user guide for version 2.4

            • Repitch playback mode, for traditional sampling
            • Cycles playback mode, using wavetable techniques
            • Textures playback mode, using granular techniques
            • Freeze option () for manually controlling the playhead in any playback mode
            • Visual crossfade looping
            • Ping-pong looping mode
            • One-shot envelope mode now has fade-in and -out controls
            • Keyboard tracking can be turned on or off, or set as a percentage
            • Detect root key function (from right-click menu) detects sample pitch from the start of the loop region
            • Editing playback and loop points snaps to zero crossings by default
            • Each Sampler device can load its audio in RAM or play it back from disk
            • Updated multisample interface now with a detail view, showing note ranges along with velocity/select ranges for each zone
            • Select parameter (*) controls what zones are played at note on
            • Zones can crossfade with other zones based on key, velocity, and/or the Select parameter
            • Three per-zone modulation sources are available, with modulation amounts set in each zone
            • Groups can be created for managing zones
            • Round-robin option per zone, to only trigger one matching zone at a time

            • Each track has settings for the incoming MIDI channel(s) it responds to and which channel(s) it writes to
            • Layers (such as in the Instrument Layer device) have channel options as well, supporting multitimbral tracks
            • Each note stores which channel it plays back on
            • MIDI automation lanes are defined by channel
            • Layered editing mode can work by channel, with various view/edit options
            • Detail Editor Panel provides various note color options, including by clip, by MIDI channel, by pitch class, and by velocity
            • The tool menu in the Detail Editor Panel contains an Insert Channel setting as the destination for new notes

            • Better anti-click fading for audio Launcher clips
            • Default anti-click fade time is now set in seconds instead of beats
            • Automatic fades for audio clips and events are now applied in additional editing cases
            • Last used velocity is applied when drawing a new note
            • Linear velocity ramps by can be created by alt-clicking (and then clicking/dragging again adds curvature)
            • EQ band-type can now be changed in the GUI by right-clicking
            • Right-clicking a modulation source allows you to change its modulation amount(s) from the context menu
            • Right-clicking in an empty modulator slot now targets the modulator slot
            • Nested device chain channels have a smaller width in the Mixer Panel
            • Modulation sources are now sorted in the Inspector Panel
            • Browser items can now be added to a collection via the context menu
            • Now supports drag and drop of a sample filename from Sampler to the Arranger or Launcher, etc.
            • Enhanced device logic for note channels information (Note Echo and Note Latch)
            • Expressions modulator now has a smoothing option (was always on before)
            • LFO, Steps, and ParSeq-8 now follow the pitch bend when set to track the pitch
            • Polysynth device’s glide is consistent across different audio interface settings
            • Arpeggiator device now holds keys with the sustain pedal (MIDI CC64)
            • The Button and Buttons modulators now show their modulation routing button in the Remote Controls pane
            • Steps modulator can copy/paste patterns from/to other instances of Steps
            • Steps modulator has better visuals when minimized
            • Extended filter range in Phase-4 and Polysynth to match Sampler
            • Voice settings have moved to device inspector for several instruments (FM-4, Organ, Phase-4, Polysynth, Sampler)
            • Pitch bend range used in MPE for plug-ins can now be set in the Device Inspector
            • Text editing of parameters is now more robust (only selecting editable values)
            • Added unselect-all command to Edit menu, with escape key as premapped shortcut
            • Note FX Layer now uses larger LEDs
            • Open file starts from the current project directory, or from the standard project directory if the dashboard is shown
            • Demos and templates are now under Quick Start in the Dashboard
            • Demos and templates can now install required packs automatically
            • Improved tooltip display logic
            • Added pitch-bend range setting to LinnStrument controller extension
            • Updated support for Nektar controllers

            • Fix bugs in Clip.scrollKeysPageUp/Down via controller API
            • It was possible to sometimes get clip contents scrolled out of view on the clip launcher if a project was saved on a hi res monitor and then opened on a low res one
            • Step modulator has an offset of 1 when using note advance and smooting
            • Error playing back .multisample files which had non-ASCII filenames inside them
            • There was no inspector on the second display of the "Dual Display (Studio)" layout
            • Fixed certain ASIO input formats
            • Corrected note playback behavior for non-overdubbed arranger recording
            • Content of looped Audio Clips in Launcher should not be doubled, when using Bounce in Place on them
            • Transport.fastForward() and Transport.rewind() did not do anything when the transport was playing
            • Devices/modulators with any source routing selected (sidechain, etc) will now never go to sleep
            • E-Hat amplitude fluctuated with certain attack/decay settings
            • It was possible to get the application into a state where the dashboard could never be shown again
            • Fixed auto detection of Korg nanoKONTROL2 on Mac and Linux
            • Preserve note-channel (whenever possible) for notes sent to VSTs with the "Use MPE" setting enabled
            • Clips visualized on Maschine JAM don't get turned off when deleting them
            • Creating a new project before the audio engine has finished connecting to the existing project could get the application into a state where the engine could not connect to the new project
            • Marian Seraph ASIO driver didn't work
            • Crossfade to next clip gets replaced by fade out when cutting clip using knife tool
            • Delay-2: audio cuts out if Delay time goes below 0ms due to Detune
            • Crash when switching between different controller extensions using the drop-down when ports where already selected
            • Use MPE setting can now be turned off even for plug-ins which are automatically detected as supporting MPE
            • When connecting an engine to a project that has some parameter automation manually overridden the engine would still play back the automation even though it shouldn't
            • Selecting notes via alt+left/right keys sometimes does not work when note editor is in clip mode
            • Beat markers created by dragging a ghost marker at the end of the sample sometimes jump to an invalid location
            • Reversing a looped clip sometimes moves the start marker when it should not, or result in a non-looped clip
            • Stretch tool might snap to timeline grid with an incorrect offset
            • Deleting a modulation mapping from the source context menu did not remove it in the context menu but did delete the mapping
            • On 4k monitors the minimum width of the scrollbar in the arranger could get too small to be of much use
            • Remote controls panel layout would get broken if a page had a very long name
            • File dialog on Linux may sometimes open behind the application window and show the file dialog as a separate application in the taskbar
            • Modulation copy/paste allows to make modulators modulate themselves
            • Device remote controls open/closed state would not be restored correctly when dragging a preset to the empty track area to create a new track
            • Issue with controller scripts using both MPE and a note-translation map
            • When playing two notes of the same pitch using MPE controllers, releasing either note would stop both notes from playing
            • Send RPN 6 to plug-ins when "Use MPE" is enabled (or auto-detected).
            • Excessive CPU load for note-inputs of controllers
            • Sustain pedal CC64 does not return to 0 when stopping transport
            • Steep automation curves are not being read under certain conditions
            • Jump to play position in clip has offset if clip start is not at 1.1.1
            • Dropping samples on the zone list header now maps the whole key-range
            • Don't use AltGr modifier during drag and drop on Mac as this key is not present
            • Clip color indicator for group scenes does not redraw when changing clip colors
            • Drag-and-drop on windows didn't work for some sources
            • Takeover modes sometimes not working correctly
            • Possible to lock the application up in multi display profile by editing shortcuts and not providing a valid name for the shortcuts and closing the dashboard
            • When browsing for devices and presets for the first device with a mix parameter in an effect track using the popup browser make sure to set the mix parameter to full wet
            • Application could end up not being able to quit if it was closing and asking user about saving a project and user changed display profile before responding to the question
            • EQ-5 lowpass4 was called "2 poles" instead of "4 poles"
            • Sometimes notes get recorded one bar further than you actually play them in clip launcher
            • Beat LFO could go wonky gonky bonky at high transport beat time
            • Polynom modulators are all called "Out" in Inspector and context menus
            • Hold pedal automation was sent with the transport stopped when setting the transport position
            • APC40 MKII: the knob's ring might not be properly initialized
            • On certain Linux system, Bitwig Studio did not start because of missing libbsd.so
            • Polysynth glide might sound steppy when playing with large buffer size
            • Improved oscillator retrigger in Polysynth
            • Legato glide's pitch might jump under certain conditions
            • Crash when toggling pre-fader in the inspector of an FX track
            • Control Surface API: crossfade enum got broken ("Off" instead of "AB")
            • Moving clips while playing could make the sequencer out-of-time
            • Text editing of integer fields was annoying if the display had a pre or post-fix
            • Note counter modulator does not update gfx (0/5) when being used in monophonic device
            • Remote controls: button modulator name was not properly shown
            • Engine crash when using Note Counter Modulator on a Monophonic device like E-Kick
            • Possible to scroll the key zone out of screen using the bottom scroll bar in the multisample editor
            • Launch Control XL auto-detection for firmware older than 1.2 is not working
            • Launch Control XL: device LEDs not painting correctly
            • Crash when dropping clip on note editor piano keyboard
            • Crash when dropping sample on empty device list area of a track in mix view
            • Maschine JAM version 0.6 by Native Instruments crashed
            • Right-click on a Track Group Slot from the mixer view does nothing
            • Stop the modulation mapping if a modulation source gets disabled
            • Sampler - Reverse mode calculates offset play start/end off of sample start (instead of sample end)
            • Multisample editor: some parameter values are not mirrored between GUI and Zone Inspector
            • Channel list should not be visible in layered note editor when editing audio
            • Remote controls should show the parameter value as provided by the plug-in instead of a 0..1 range
            • Fixed auto detection of Akai MPK25, Akai MPK49 on Windows and macOS
            • Fixed auto detection of Korg nanoKontrol2 on macOS
            • It was possible to get launcher clips out-of-sync with the transport if the transport was started as a result of launching the clips
            • Crash when performing undo after slice to drum machine
            • File open dialog starts in temporary folder for a new project or the templates folder if it was created from a template
            • When dragging a clip to the track above in the clip launcher it easily lands in the slot to the right
            • Wrong arranger playback start position when double-clicking into note editor timeline ruler
            • Notes sometimes get pasted multiple times
            • Not possible to move an automation segment by using cmd-drag in clip automation editor
            • Shift-clicking on notes to select a range of notes does not behave as expected
            • Cryptic device type text in Browser side panel
            • Channel aftertouch did not get recorded anymore
            • Pitch-bend automation was recorded wrong
            • Steps modulator in transport mode did not start if device chain was not in focus
            • Should not be possible to drag expression nodes beyond note end.
            • Copy devices modifier was not shown when dragging clips to new tracks
            • Copy modifier was not shown when dragging remote control pages
            • Setting crossFadeMode of a track via API does not work
            • Recording of audio clips in the clip-launcher finished too early when stopped by launching a clip (including itself)
            • Flowing layouts were line-breaking too early
            • Paste at the start of device chain was broken.
            • It was possible to get two audio clips playing at the same time on the same track
            • Elastique Pro formant resolution parameter only worked for every second audio event
            • Cross-fade between launcher clips added a slight offset to automation
            • Issue with polynom display
            • Loops were not read for some SFZ files which didn't follow spec
            • Crash when reading metadata from some SFZ files
            • Plug-in parameter value text is not updated
            This is me: https://soundcloud.com/steeboo
            Latest album, download here!


              top ik heb 'm !!!!